Musical Monday: Tablo Edition

Posted by Stephanie on May 18, 2013



I do love me some Tablo. I even have the physical CD to prove it. Yep, I forked out the big cash in Ktown last year to own it. Actually, come to think about it, I might have made Kate buy me this since she lost a bet. Who has the cash for actual imported CD’s?

Not me.

When we went to NY I was at the start of my Epik High/Tablo love. And when I was scouring the bookstore for stuff to bring home with me, any of their CD’s were on the list. They only had Tablo’s solo CD but since I’m more of a Tablo fan than I am an Epik High, I was quite pleased. And they threw in a free Epik High poster because I bought so much (What? I don’t like near anything Korean, I had to stock up!) my day was especially made.

I just love the sound of Tablo’s voice. I can’t get enough–so I hope he comes out with another solo album soon!

It was hard to choose which song to go with–and I’m sure it won’t be too long before my B choice shows up here–but I went with this one as I love the beat and the tone of his voice. The video is grungy, dirty, and slightly disturbing. And I’m sure was crazy banned in Korea.

Tablo, Bad

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