Do’s and Dont’s: Anatomy of a Good K-Kiss

Posted by Stephanie on May 24, 2013


Rewatching Flower Boy Ramyun Shop has made me think about exactly what goes into a really good, memorable Kdrama kiss. No, not all kisses need to be searching for ones tonsils to be hot–this is Kdrama not HBO. However, for writers out there, here a few Do’s and Don’ts on how to make your kisses memorable.

Do: Be On Cable
Cable channels seem to be a little less restrictive and a little more handsy. In turn their kisses are more realistic and hotter. Examples: Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, I Need Romance 2012, Nine.

Don’t: Fish Eyes
For the love of mike, have your heroines close their eyes when they kiss, otherwise they resemble a fish gasping for air, their expressions giving the “Who is this person and why are his lips on mine?” look.

fish eye
Do: Wiggle It, Just a Little Bit
Put some lip and/or head movement int here! The press and hold doesn’t fool anyone. We know inside the actors are thinking *one Mississippi…two Mississippi…three Mississippi* Or whatever the Korean equivalent to counting seconds is.flower-yoon-shi-yoon-lee-ji-ah-kiss27

Don’t: Camera Block
If your camera is positioned in such a way where we can’t actually see the kiss that’s going on MOVE. You aren’t fooling anyone. We know they are pulling a You’re Beautiful and are not actually locking lips


Do: Get Close

Are we really supposed to buy your confession of love/reunion when your feet are planted a full foot apart and you bed at the waste just far enough to barely make contact? Um. No. Shows have been ruined by this (I’m looking at you Heartstrings)and lean

Don’t: The Awkward Bird

Having your heroine keep her arms awkwardly at her sides makes us again wonder–does she actually want this? Her body language certainly says no. If the your hero just confesses to you for the love of God–hug him back–or give him to someone who would.

Do: Give Pause
Nothing amps up the tension like a little anticipation. Closer…closer…rawr!

K2H 1

Don’t: Bad Aim
You’re not fooling anyone by not hitting the actual mouth. There’s nothing hotter than a good corner of the mouth kiss. Yeah. Right. We see and we know what you’re doing.

love rain b34
Do: Have a Gimick
The best and most memorable kisses (and isn’t memorable what you’re looking for) all have some sort of prop to make memorable.

Cola Kiss-Lie To Me

Kimchi Kiss- Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

Toe Kiss–Queen In Hyun’s Manqihm


Don’t: Use Lips As a Springboard

Take some time–we’ll wait for you. A good k-kiss is not a peck!


Do: Permission Granted
Nothing sexier than asking for permission–or telling the heroine exactly what’s about to happen to her.

when its at night2
“This time, I’m asking formally beforehand. Lend me your lips.”

Don’t: forget the water!
Nothing hotter than a kiss either in the rain or in water.

playful kiss

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