Soundtrack Sunday! Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

Posted by Stephanie on May 26, 2013

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soundtrack sunday

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop had some pretty decent music to it. Nothing that as soon as I listened to it made me want to run out, find out who it was, and buy it instantly (like I did with I Need Romance 2012 the other weekend). But it wasn’t all incessant cringing ballads either. Which is nice.

First up surprised me. I liked this song and when I Youtubed to find songs for this post I fell over when I realized it was actually Jung Il Woo singing. Um. Hello awesome. He has just ticked up several more points in my esteem.

Jung Il Woo, A Person Like You

Here’s a peppy one. Actually, this band and the main singer show up on the OST a lot. There is one disturbing one which sounds like it stepped right out of the Playful Kiss OST–every time I heard it–I was taken out of the story.

DNPD, Loving

I love this song. It makes me think of something. But I’m not sure what. What song or style does this sound like?

Yuria, Happy

Hey fans of FBRS–I know you’re out there whats up with no fan-made MV’s? It’s just sad. You should really step up your game. Come on. Do it for Il Woo.

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