Finally, Crazy For Kdrama Gets Really Excited About a New Drama!

Posted by Stephanie on May 30, 2013

Casting News

good doctorHello show I’m really, really looking forward to! I’ve been watching the news on this one build for a while, waiting for actual confirmations to fall in place as we all know, Kdrama land is rife with “So and so is considering such and such drama.” I’ve learned the hard way that considering does not actually mean doing.

But confirmation is here and I can’t wait for the new KBS drama, Green Scalpel to premier! It has a really interesting and unique premise, a writer who has some great skills and an awesome star signed on in Joo Won.

Yep! The Joo Won who, now having seen Bridal Mask, I’m a huge fan of is coming back to kdrama (after his stop back in musical theater for Ghost: The Musical)!

I should probably apologize for the blatant over use of exclamation marks. I can’t help it, this sounds like an awesome show.

Green Scalpel as you can probably tell from the title is a medical drama. For me medical dramas can be hit or miss as they usually rely heavily on behind the scenes power struggles, which just aren’t my cup of tea. The only medical drama which avoided this andwas interesting? Well, that would be God’sQuiz which was part medical drama, part crime show, all awesome. And funnily enough, who’s on tap for writing Green Scalpel? Why that would be Park Jae-Beom-I who wrote God’s Quiz. What the?!? Yep. I’m stoked. (Do people still stay stoked?)

Park Jae-Beom-I created one of my favorite characters in all of Kdrama Dr. Han. He built a complex character who was fun, smart, and had the right touches of kdrama angst. His new lead character for Green Scalpel has a type of autism who is a medical genius with the mental age of a ten year old.

Hm. Wasn’t Dr. Han a medical genius who acted like a 10 year old? Looking at Hancinema it looks like this writer only has the God’s Quiz dramas and this show in his filmography (as a writer). Is this new Dr going to be Dr Han part two? Am I the only one who think it’s weird that this guy has only written medical dramas with eccentric heroes? Is it a matter of finding one thing he’s good at and just replicating that?

That being said, it’s not like I wouldn’t welcome Dr Han Jr. That the thought of getting more time with Dr Han in any form wouldn’t make me do a little happy dance. Nope. This is me. Dancing.

Now with the rest of the premise it sounds like it could possibly be a little darker, which since I prefer my Joo Woon in his angsty form, this would be greatly appreciated. I’m a little worried that the ten year old persona will be more goofy kid rather than a tortured antisocial one.

The other thing that worries me? Here’s what Mydramalistdescribes at the synopsis:

A young man named Park Shi On has autism and a developmental disability. His mental age is that of a 10-year-old, but he becomes a pediatric surgeon. Meanwhile, Kim Do Han, who is the best pediatric surgeon, finds himself frequently in confrontation with Park Shi On.

Yep, it’s the second part with the rival doctor. Hrm. This is the other thing you see all the time in Medical dramas. Eh. It irritates me. You start with that plot and it’s a slippery slope to management power struggles.

But I’ll worry about that later. Now? I plan on riding this happy train for a while!

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