Posted by Stephanie on June 5, 2013

Casting News
ScandalMind? Blown. So I clicked on a link talking about Kim Jae-won’s first day’s shooting of a new drama. Since Can You Hear My Heart and being replaced by Yoon Shi Yoon on Me Too, Flower! after Kim was hurt during filming,  he’s been on my radar. So a new drama that I wasn’t aware of? Well, my interest was caught.
The premise seems really interesting too. The drama is called Scandal and is set to air after Hundred Year Inheritance finishes up its run later this month. It’s scheduled for 36 episodes. (Does Kim Jae-won only want to do the really long dramas? Can You Hear My Heart and May Queen were both over 30 double the usual episode count. Is he a glutton for Kdrama live-shoot punishment?)

Here’s the synopsis from Hancinema:
Scandal is about a man who discovers that his father is actually a kidnapper who kidnapped him from the man who caused the destruction of the building he lost his own son in.
Wow, a second hand revenge drama. It sets my mind to thinking where this plot could go, puzzling out all the possibilities. And there’s nothing I like better than a show that makes me think. Take that and Kim Jae-won and I might want to check this out.
So to the mind blowing part?
So I clicked the cast and noticed that the lead actress named Jo Yoon-hee looked familiar. And the memory was not good. I don’t know why I didn’t like her, but I did and I needed to know why–and there it was–she was the wannabe girlfriend in Lie To Me. The weak whiny one?
Ugh. Then something caught my eye. The poster of Nine. Uh… they totally made a mistake, I just watched that she wasn’t in there. The only woman was the whiny heroine….wait a minute! No way!
Jo Yoon-hee2
Yep, she was totally the heroine in Nine! I didn’t even recognize her! I think it was the terrible hair–it kind of overtook her whole face. Does this woman never age? I swear she looks younger in this than she did in Lie To Me.
Life isn’t fair.
Anyway. Kim Jae-won in a new drama with a really interesting premise? And a lead actress I don’t love but I don’t hate her as much as when she was in Lie To Me? Consider me cautiously interested.

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