Seo In Guk Power—ACTIVATE!

Posted by Stephanie on June 5, 2013


master's sunWell here’s some interesting (and when I say interesting, I mean awesome) information. Seo In Guk has signed on for The Hong Sisters’ new drama Sun of the Lord.

Why is this awesome? First, I had forgotten about this drama. Gong Hyo Jin and Mr. Cheekbones? Yay! A show I can be excited about. Second, I’m a big fan of Seo In Guk. I loved him in Answer Me 1997 and he was really cute in Love Rain. He’s been on the Crazy radar ever since.

I thought I’d seen everything he was in, but I just now remembered he was just in the family drama Rascal Sons. Did anyone hear anything about that show? I knew when it was coming out—and then heard nothing—not a great sign. Nothing worse than a meh show.

Anywhoo. So he just signed onto the new Hong Sisters’ show, which was apparently humming right along while we weren’t watching, considering the fact it now has a title.

Seo In Guk has been cast as a head of security of a shopping mall. Hmmm… I wonder. Does this mean the show will take place at the mall and mall offices? This is part workplace drama, considering the hero is a business man who the heroine works for as his secretary?

So I read this article on enewsworld. And in the article it says that The Hong Sisters are taking over the script on this one. Taking it over? I wonder if this is just a phrase they used meaning writing it or if they actually mean someone came up with the idea and they are going to be the ones writing it. I wonder what that would do for the story? I mean—I guess it doesn’t matter much—but the thought just keeps rattling around in my brain.

I’m actually looking forward to this one, and I hope it doesn’t disappoint me. My one consolation was the fact that before Big was released, I liked the cast (or I should say, I liked Gong Yoo) but I never cared for the storyline. It was a wait and see for me. In Sun of the Lord, I really like the cast and the premise is really interesting. So I’m throwing caution away and am just going to look forward to this. Yep. I’m in that sort of mood.

Bring on the Awesome, Hong Sisters!

Or else….

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