Poor Beleaguered Friends

Posted by Stephanie on June 12, 2013

SAK EP7 15More bad news for our sad collection of Barefoot Friends. Last it was the removal of Yoo Se Yoon from the cast after his drunk driving incident and the announcement of a replacement friend Eun Ji Won being signed. (Well, I’m not saying Eun Ji Won is a bad thing. He seems funny and I’m actually looking forward to seeing him join our cast now.)
But now? We found out the incredibly tidy cutie Bum-soo was injured on set.
Gasp! No!

 Apparently they were filming at a pool and while warming up on a trampoline he slipped, fell and hurt his knee. Hurt it enough that filming was halted, he was taken to the emergency room, and we now await word on just how bad it is.
From his reps:
“He′s being looked over, but we′re thinking he hurt his cruciate ligament and we′re waiting for the diagnosis.
Oh noes! That sounds bad.
The filming is waiting on him, which is very nice, but I wonder, can they do that with all of the stars busy schedules?
It just seems like this show can’t catch a break. The abysmal ratings, the cast issues, and now this?
Poor Bum Soo. Get well soon! You have a blind date to get ready for…

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