Musical Monday: The Nell Edition

Posted by Stephanie on June 17, 2013


nellI know, I bet you guys all knew exactly who this weeks musical Monday was going to be after news of Nell’s new CD being released. Me loving Nell? No brainer.

Pssstt….don’t tell anyone else this…I might like Nell more than BigBang. Whew. It’s out. While I feel so much better for saying it, don’t spread it around. T.O.P. might hear and it may destroy whatever chances I once had.

I can’t help it. Nell’s music gives me so many feelz. Yep. Feelz with a Z. Their music makes me happy and sad, and reaches that into that place inside and just takes hold. I know I’m not the only one who has this happen their insides.

This time though? Just as I’d feared from the release of the teaser, Nell has gone in a different direction. A more…electronic direction.

WHY?? I Heart you Nell–don’t change!

The first song I listened to, Haven, was interested and if had come from any other band I would have thought very solid. But since I already am a huge fan of Nell, I sat there wondering what had happened, why they had made the change instead of just enjoying.

I said to Nelly (who kindly sent me the links), well, the lead singers voice is still there making me want to make out with the song, so I guess all is good. But then I realized as the song went on they covered his voice with electronic trickery! Again… WHY?nell2

You expect that from other artists. It’s a handy tool when your lead singer isn’t as skilled as you you’d like them to be. But in this case? Major Skills. It’s unnecessary.

So needless to say, I was concerned. That same night the MV was released for this song, Ocean of Light. I clicked on the ink, my earlier attitude giving me poutyface, sure I wasn’t going to like it.

Boy was I wrong.nell7

This song is amazing. The video even more so. It’s not often I watch videos full screen, but Ocean of Light almost demanded of it. At the beginning of the song, I was meh, then okay, but once the chorus kicks in and they hit the ‘ocean’ what do you know–there is that hand reaching out to grab hold of the insides.

I’m now totally onboard for this CD. New isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes I have to remind myself that. Change can be okay. We just have to trust the people taking us there. And in this case? Nell, I’m totally behind you.

Not only am I going to purchase this CD, but if they go to NY (which they do sometimes) I WILL go there as well. I have a need to see this band in person more than I need….lots of other things I once thought were essential. Who’s with me?
Nell, Oceans of Light

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