Kim Ji Hoon Is Coming Back to Us!

Posted by Stephanie on June 19, 2013

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Okay–fess up–who knew this information and DIDN’T TELL ME? Uncool man, uncool. Not only has Kim Ji Hoon signed onto a new drama called Goddess of Marriage, but it starts in like a week? He signed onto a weekend drama? Which means at least 30 episodes of Ji Hoon? Actually looking around it doesn’t look like there’s a lot of information going around on this show. So maybe I shouldn’t feel so out of the loop. The show starts 6/29 on SBS.f it starts in a week–why have there been no posters released for it. Aren’t they cutting it a little close?

Here’s a synopsis from asianwiki:

Radio program writer Song Ji-Hye (Nam Sang-Mi) has a pure outlook, that could be construed naive, but also self-assertive. She dreams of having a soulmate, but worries about the difference between reality and an ideal love. She falls into a love triangle with two men.

Asianwiki also has a teaser for the drama, but I couldn’t find it on Youtube to put here. And I definitely don’t recommend doing a search in Youtube’s system for Goddess of Marriage. It’s not pretty.Goddess of Marriage apparently started filming in April! So, I’m guessing that trip Kim Ji Hoon took to the US was not a post-Flower Boy Next Door trip but a pre Goddess of Marriage trip! It looks like while Kim Ji Hoon gets the girl, which technically makes him lead, it is a weekend family drama, which isn’t quite the star-making power of a nighttime drama. But he gets the girl–which means hero. Right? And it’s on a major network, which for Kim Ji Hoon is a bonus. Does this mean he’s working his way back up the star-making ladder after his army stint? Actually, his last big lead pre-army was on cable for drama Joseon X-Files, so maybe I can understand why he didn’t snap back big like someone like Lee Jun Ki did or Hyun Bin will. Not that there is anything wrong with weekend dramas, or cable for that matter (lord knows I love me a cable plot) but it just doesn’t seem to have the gravitas of nighttime network. In the scheme of things, Kim Ji Hoon is still really young and now that he as army behind him has the time and most certainly the talent to become a big star.

I do thank him for doing two dramas in a year, especially one as long as a weekend drama, actors usually don’t do that. I wonder if the weekend dramas are as grueling filming wise as nighttime shows? Yes, they have more episodes, but the shows are usually packed with characters and multiple storylines, which should take the strain off of the main leads. All kidding aside–did you guys know about this? I promise not to yell at you if you tell me. And most importantly–do you know if anyone of the big three is going to sub this? I may not be able to simulcast it, but it has Kim Ji Hoon–eventually, I’m going to want to see this.

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