Musical Monday: The Lim Kim Edition

Posted by Stephanie on June 24, 2013


lim kim

Here’s an interesting one. I was going through, trying to find some new music possibilities. My process for finding new music is kind of mean. If I start watching a music video and the music or video can’t keep my attention for the first, I’d like to say 30 seconds, but really, I knew even faster than that if it’s for me or now. If it doesn’t capture my attention, I can’t be bothered with the rest and I click to the next one.

The other night, there were lots of ‘nexts’ and I wondered–do I even like kpop? Then this song came on, and I knew within the first few seconds that I liked it. It’s unique. I like the style of the song, the actual sound of Lim Kim’s voice (whenever I see her name I keep thinking Lil’ Kim) and I think the video is interesting.

Downsides? Is it me or is the song a little repetitive? And I’m choosing to completely ignore the like 15 seconds of some guy ‘singing’ his voice completely altered mechanically. It’s random and doesn’t seem to fit with the style or sound of rest of the song. And it only happens that one time! Of course, because it only happens that one random time, I feel better about just pretending it doesn’t exist.

You know. Except for this rant…..

Lim Kim, All Right

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