G-Dragon: Good news, Bad News, Good News, Bad News?

Posted by Stephanie on June 25, 2013

339975Good News: G-Dragon is releasing a new CD later this year. They are calling it his second CD which made me go–what the what? Don’t I remember jamming to a super fun CD last year? Wasn’t that me screaming my a** off while he performed them no more than 15 feet in front of me at the BigBang concert? Pretty sure it was.
Turns out One of a Kind was not a album. It was a mini-album. Um. Okay. Whatever you want to call it, One of a Kind was awesome. So this gets put in the good news column.
Bad News: COME ON. With G-Dragon coming off his world tour for the ‘mini’ album and busily working on his new full length CD–where does that leave BigBang? Out in the cold–that’s where. BOO! It’s been like a year since Alive came out. That’s like FOREVER in Kpop years. I know all the guys are all busy with their own projects, T.O.P. with his acting (although, I think that movie has already wrapped, so he should be free), Daesung with his Japanese album (that was already months ago, so he should be free) Taeyang with his album (but that keeps getting pushed back, so maybe it’s time for him to take a break…you know, clear the mind) and Seungri is busy with…uh…a Japanese radio program? (Yeah, so he’s free too.)
Come on boys, it’s time to get the band back together again!

Good News: Missy Elliot has signed to do a song with G-Dragon on the new CD. Well this is pretty cool. I’m a big Missy Elliot fan. And it’s a nice sign to see bigger US artists collaborating with the kpop world. This song I actually can’t wait to hear.
Bad News: I’ve been suffering from a bit of G-Dragon burn out. Oh noes! Has he reached the dreaded second season, the point where I get bored and bail, never to return again? I hope not, but I do catch myself starting an eye-roll when I read G-Dragon related news. Um. Did you see him in CL’s MV for her own solo album? Where were his pants? I know he likes to push fashion buttons, but this was just not a good look–not even GD could pull it off. And I didn’t care for MichiGO the last minute addition to One of a Kind. Where before I squee’ed in glee, now I laugh….and not in a good way. But then again I’ll ignore his tweets, or news articles, or photos and just replay ‘Crayon’ or ‘One of a Kind’ and I start to remember what I loved about him. So maybe it’s not too late.
I don’t know. I guess I’ll be excited about this when the time comes. When is that you ask? Well, there is no definate date, but the news all seems to be that they are aiming for G-Dragon’s birthday again. Well, good luck with that GD–but do us all a favor. DO A  BIG BANG ALBUM ALREADY. I need a good T.O.P. fix.


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