The Power of the Promotional Poster

Posted by Stephanie on July 9, 2013



Is this me or is this a really successful poster? Before I caught a glimpse of this poster on Pinterest, I didn’t have any interest in this drama at all. Basically all I knew about it was that there was an upcoming drama and it’s called Sword and Flower. From the title I inferred that it’s a saeguk and I just don’t watch them. Thinking back in my drama history I’ve only seen 3 Sungkyungkwan Scandal, Faith, and Joseon X-Files. With Faith and Joseon X-Files being fusion, do they really count? Oh, I did also watch Bridal Mask, but is that still considered a saeguk? Does the term saeguk infer a particular time period or any drama which takes place in a time period that’s not now. In which case, Giant, which takes place in the 70’s would be a saeguk and that doesn’t seem right.

But then as I was trolling Pinterest (as I do) and I came across this poster.

And I can’t stop looking at it! I like the flowers, I like the angle, I like the costumes, and the sword. It makes me think. Is she an assertive heroine? She is on top of him holding a sword to his throat. If you look closely, her and his on the sheath, but it’s his hand which is on the hilt. (Look at me with the jargon.) What’s going on with that? Why is she trying to kill him? Or is he wanting her to kill him? Is it like Me Too, Flower! where he presses the gun that she’s holding to his head because he’s wronged her so? Why is his other hand just laying flat on the ground? He’s being a little passive for someone with a mighty sharp sword at his throat. I. Don’t. Know.

But now I’m intrigued–and I want to know more. Which is exactly what a poster should do, right?

Now I shall go and find out what this show is about. Lets see if my interest remains. BRB.

Okay, turns out the girl is a princess. And it’s possible she is a kick butt princess. Hero is a illegitimate son of a powerful man who wants to overthrow the king. Hero in order to get fathers approval gets a job as a royal guard and is assigned to guard the kick-butt princess. So maybe it’s like King2Hearts? (Do you hear the excitement in my voice?) The bodyguard falls in love with princess and his father threatens the monarchy? Well if that’s the case, lets hope it works out a little better this time around.

Uhoh, it looks like the hero’s dad’s plan does actually kill the king. Well that’s not good. We know from Kdrama past, this does not go over well on either side. She can’t be with the son of the person who killed her father. Hrm.

Hero is played by Uhm Tae-woong, who is a very capable actor. Of course I say this from only seeing one thing he’s acted in, but I’ve always been intrigued.

There are two teasers which tease very well.

I like the contemporary music and style too it–but I wonder if that will be carried out throughout the actual drama. If it’s a yes, even better. If it’s just the first couple of episodes, well, that’s irritating.

So does learning about it make me more or less likely to see it? Well, sadly, less. It’s the daddy murder thing. But I am interested. I think I’ll just wait until it’s done, totally cheat and read the ending, and will decide from there.

Oh–and I saw another version of the poster which clearly shows her hand is on the hilt, not his. Bummer. Less fun questions then.

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