Stephanie Whines About Extensions

Posted by Stephanie on July 23, 2013



Nooo!!! Why are you doing this to me? *Whine followed by poutyface* I Can Hear Your Voice was extended by two episodes?

Look. I’m sure you’re very popular. And I’m sure you’ll fill these extra two episodes with the necessary twists and turns. But I find this to be completely unacceptable! Why? I really, really want to watch this show! And this extension will mean that’s at least one more week before I get to start it.
Un. Fair. I haven’t been this cranky since DramaFever spoiled one of the main plots. Okay—this is an exaggeration. Clearly I’m not upset by the extension—I am however still po’ed by the spoiler. Hey! Here’s a tip. If you’re going to do a spoiler in order to promote your club post—let a girl know! Toss in a: Spoilers or a DON’T LOOK HERE IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW EXACTLY WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN.

I know, I know, if I don’t watch the show as it’s airing, then I’m taking the chance that I’m going to be spoiled. It’s just part of the game. But usually? I’m pretty good at avoiding them—unless I actually want to see them.

Seriously though? Who expected this show to be so popular? Or by all accounts, this good? I’ve honestly heard nothing but really good things about it. (Which is always a nice change.)

So I guess I’ll just have to wait for another few weeks before checking this drama out—and I hope it continues to keep going in this good vein. We all know that sometimes? Added episodes are not necessarily a good thing.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention. Something super cool is going to happen at some time during these remaining episodes. So this show is about lawyers, right? (Well, lawyers and a kid who can hear voices.) Guess which Kdrama lawyer we’re going to be seeing again? Lawyer Choi Yoon from A Gentleman’s Dignity!

I hear some guy knew a guy who knew a guy and made this cross over happen. As I heart me some AGD, I did a little happy dance when I found this out. Does this happen in Kdrama? It seems so weird and random. Not that I’m complaining at all.

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