Plea To the Gods of Kdrama

Posted by Stephanie on July 24, 2013


grandpas over flowersDear Gods of Kdrama. I know. I have not been a very good Kdrama watcher lately. As my TBWList grows, the actual number of drama’s I’m watching has, sadly, decreased. But I promise! It’s just a matter of scheduling; my love of Kdrama has only increased! You know the whole “absence makes the heart grow fonder thing?” Well, let me tell you, it’s a real thing.

You know what would really get me to watching more? If you had someone sub the new smash hit variety show Grandpa’s Over Flowers.

How much fun does this show look? Take the usual beloved (or hated depending on the program) Kdrama grandfathers, put them together and toss them and make them all travel together. Add one unsuspecting younger guy to act as gopher and you’ve got something I really, really want to see!

Meet the Grandpas (and the shows I’ve seen them in)

Three episodes in and the show has already been picked up for a second season. This current trip is the grandpa’s in Europe and next time around their headed for Taiwain.

Currently I’ve been reduced to reading Dramabean’s recaps (thank goodness they love the show and have decided to continue on with it), while these are great, sadly it is not the same as watching the real thing.

DramaFever doesn’t carry it (instead choosing to pick up the dying 1N2D’s), Viki doesn’t seem to do these variety shows, and my usual go to for variety shows, Kshowonline? Not carrying it.

Come on God’s of Kdrama, I want to support the Grandpas. I want to support TvN. I want to see this show!

The end.

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