What’s Next? The Mother Mary It’s Been Way Too Long Edition

Posted by Stephanie on July 26, 2013


antisocialWho gets to watch a new kdrama this weekend? Who? Could it be….ME??? It is! It is! Seriously guys, I’d tell you what the last new drama I watched was, but honestly? I can’t remember. I CAN’T REMEMBER! How sad is that? I’m about three days away from having my Kdrama fan membership revoked.

So this weekend? I’m ignoring Crazy (don’t worry, Khottie will still be out Saturday morning), closing the blinds, locking the door, turning off the phone, and come hell or high water–I’m watchin’ me some kdrama.

Boo. Yeah.

Now, what to watch? I’m not even sure if I remember how to choose. I like kdrama, right? I’m pretty sure I remember that. Thinking ahead to the end of the year, I feel like I should watch something from 2013 (or something from 2012 which ended in 2013) so that in December when I do my year end marathon, I don’t have to cram in so many shows. So here are some options:
King of Dramas (which of course everybody loves)king-of-dramas-poster

She Is Wow (Cherry Cordial was always giving me juicy details on this seemingly weirdo drama)she is wow

The Virus (Maybe I’m feeling romancy?)virus

That Winter, the Wind Blows (Did I hear that this blows? Bwahaha)that winter the wind blows

When A Man Loves (Funny but not in a good way?)when a man loves

Dating Agency: Cyrano (Meh?)

dating agency 6
Birth Secret (Did anyone see this one? Is it too melo?)Birth_Secret-p2

I know there are lots of others but 1) we’re dealing with the year of meh 2) The show has to be complete (sorry I Hear Your Voice) 3) It has to be on DramaFever or Hulu.

Hmm….let me know what you think!

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