Musical Monday: The Tablo Edition

Posted by Stephanie on August 24, 2013



Last Tablo thing for a while. I promise! However, since we just wrapped up his episodes on Barefoot Friends and he was chosen as Khottie on Saturday, I figured I might as well make it a trifecta and award him Musical Monday.

It’s not like he hasn’t been on Musical Monday before, by himself (Bad) and with his band, Epik High (Don’t Hate Me and Time Keeps Tickin’) but I enjoy him and his solo CD so much, I think he deserves a final go here, well, until his next CD comes out…

Anyway, this is the duet he sang with Taeyang from BigBang another favorite band of mine. Now, before I heard and saw video, I wasn’t a huge Taeyang fan. But now I do really like him, I think he has a really (is it weird to say) pretty voice. And with his singing the chorus and Tablo’s amazing rap skills, the two make a great pair.

Tablo, Tomorrow

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