Our Town–What the Heck Just Happened?

Posted by Stephanie on August 30, 2013


Our Town

Last weekend I went to my friends in VT for my last visit before I move. As I had just finished my cold, I was deep in the throughs of the dreaded tickle cough, which only visits right after my cold and only at night when I’m trying to sleep.

So as I was laying there, in between the *ahem*’s, while sleep alluded me, I decided to watch a Kmovie I’ve been meaning to watch for a while, Our Town.

Here’s the synopsis from MyDramaList:

Gyeong-Ju gets engaged in a bitter fight with his landlord and ends up killing her in his own room. At first, he does not see anything and does not have any idea about what he has to do. Soon he realizes that his town has a serial killer, murdering only women, and he believes he might get away with his accidental murder.

You know–nothing like a horrific murder mystery to bring on the sleepies.

Why did I want to see this? Well 1) For Kmovies, I seem to prefer dramas of either the suspense or weepy varieties. Comedies? Not so much. The comedies seem to be filled with the slapstick aspect of Korean humor that I just don’t care for. And 2) Not only does this star Lee Sun Gyun as the detective trying to solve catch the serial killer, it also stars Ryu Deok Hwan as the serial killer! I’ve made no secret of the fact that I love me some Ryu Deok Hwan, ever since first seeing him in God’s Quiz. So when I saw that Viki had this movie, I knew I had to see it. Eventually.

our town3
I can only say: holy moly. I know we got to see a bit of Ryu Deok Hwan playing a bad guy in God’s Quiz season 3. or just enough of a hint of bad guy to tell us that when he played full-fledged crazy man, he would be amazing. And now I can tell you, yes, yes he is. Holy moly! It wasn’t just the creepiness of the character that was interesting, Ryu Deok Hwan and his ability to show both an innocence and malice mixed with a healthy dose of deranged added another layer which just made my mouth hang open.

Of course that could also be the fact that I can now say I’ve seen Ryu Deuk Hwan nakers. Like full on nakers.

I wish there had been more scenes with him being all crazy and killer-y. It was electric and I couldn’t stop watching. Not to mention whenever it moved from him being creepy, we went back to the detective and his friend the writer who killed his landlord, and the actual plot of the movie, which just made me go–“WuT Uhh….I don’t get it…”

Massive spoilers ahead guys. Don’t watch if you haven’t seen it–and if you have–read and please explain to me what happened. Oh, and if you haven’t watched it, go to Viki, watch it, giggle at the nakers, then come back here…and explain to me what happened.

our town2

I get the main bit. The shop keeper is the serial killer. The writer killed the landlord and tried to pin it n the serial killer. The detective, when he and his friend the writer were growing up, accidentally set fire to the writers house, killing his parents. Which, if I’m not mistaken, HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING. This aspect of the drama could have been lifted out and it wouldn’t have made a difference to the story. Yes, there needed to be a reason why he didn’t turn his friend into the police, but that could have been a friendship thing. However, let’s forget this part, this part only makes me cranky, it doesn’t give me a case of the “what the fudge?”

So the second part. With the dead mother. Bear with me: If I sound convoluted, it’s only because the plot is. First we think the serial killer killed all the women to get back at his first love who ignored/belittled him since childhood. But then we learn his mother was a prostitute who would bring home her Mr.’s while he was there. The same mother who he murdered by stabbing when he was a kid. So, he’s crazy not to get back at the first love but his mother.

But then the major twist? He didn’t kill the mother. The writer killed the serial killers mother while the serial killer watched. First off. WHY? Why was the writer in the kids house in the first place? Yes, he protected him that one time on the school yard, but how did he get from a random kind act to doing the nasty with the kids mother? Did he kill her for the boy? Or did he not even know the kid was there and had just hired her for the night? Did he kill her as a replacement to killing his own mother who didn’t protect him?

I DON’T KNOW.our town 3

So why did the serial killer become a serial killer? Okay, he saw the writer kill his bad mom. Which made him go out and kill versions of a woman who wasn’t very nice to him? He called the writer, teacher. Which I understand as he kills the women and hangs them just as he saw the writer do to his mother. It seems as though he liked what he learned, he liked committing murder and the power that it gave him over others. Well then, why did he kill himself? Did he really hate himself inside? If that’s the case, why follow in this guys footsteps and murder someone?

But mainly–why did he kill himself in the end? And right before that, why did the movie make such a point of showing him deliberately wetting his pants? Was he reverting back to childhood? To being the kid who everyone picked on, the relatively normal kid before he was tainted by his mother’s murder? Well why wouldn’t he have killed the writer then? How is leaving him alive putting everything back in its place?


What I do know is that in these sort of movies, you’re not supposed to look too closely to the pieces–they just can’t hold up to that amount of scrutiny, but still–if there are pieces, instrumental parts of the plot which just don’t make sense? Well, I’m going to look closely, and you’ll be docked some serious points.

Would I recommend this to someone? Well, yes. It has some great acting in it, it is actually pretty interesting and if someone else were to watch it we could talk about what just happened.

And let’s not forget the nakers thing.our town 2

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