The Countdown Has Begun!

Posted by Stephanie on September 25, 2013


survivalA Crazy Moving Update!

So much going on here. You’re going to notice that I’m not updating as much as I usually do and I promise, it’s just temporary. I don’t know what I was thinking, believing I could keep a full post-load while minimizing my belongings from a 3 bedroom house to a studio apartment, orchestrating all the hidden hurdles, and riding herd on an increasingly freaked out cat. While I’m doing remarkably well, there’s a fine line between “well” and “Why did I think I can do this??”

But, like I said, it’s just temporary–I’ll be back full swing in less than two weeks! And Crazy won’t be completely silent, Khottie, Musical Monday, and Barefoot Friends (unless I grow so cranky I chuck my shoe at the TV in frustration over the show) will all continue!

Thanks for bearing with me.

Now for some fun things.outside2

Apartment? Check! We officially have a place to live. After lots of attempted frauds (really? Are there that many missionaries in NYC?) One realtor office actually laughing at my budge. And one lady answering my “Is it safe?” question with. “Well…..the thing is…..” Yeah, no need to go any further at that. After all that, I really lucked out. Look at this place–so beautiful.

It was really kind of a super lucky weekend. My friend Adam was super nice about hauling me all over the city and adjacent parts in our search.

And while Adam and Elliot went to a wedding, I was on my own. And where did I head to? The local Korean Noodle Shop of course! It was pretty awesome. I was the only non-Korean in there. They played some sort of Korean variety show on the big screen TV. I ate black bean sauce noodles (yumm!) and some sort of spicy seafood noodle soup which was my favorite. (Hey, I ate squid! It was…chewy.)food

I sat there, eating my Korean food, while watching A Gentleman’s Dignity on my phone. It was a total blast. Especially when the group next to me kept looking over to watch on my phone.

At the end of the meal they gave me one of those yogurt drinks you see in Kdrama all the time! Holding in my squeeee….I tucked into my purse to enjoy later–and completely left it at Adams house–so I’ll have to report some other time as to what that tastes like. food2

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