Posted by Stephanie on October 9, 2013


victoryI did it guys! I completed my first simulcast. I know–I know–I’ve always said I was incapable of finishing a simulcast, but here it is. All done. How did this happen? Well, it certainly wasn’t my own doing. It wasn’t a sudden need to finish what I’ve started. Heh. Nope, it was Cherry Cordial. For the last weeks, weeks and weeks every Saturday, we’d sit and watch together over the phone lines. Being accountable to someone else forced me through the “Oh…I’ll just watch it tomorrow”s which is were always followed by the “I’ll just do a marathon next week.”

Does this forever change my mind about simulcasting? Will I now join the leagues of people who watch several different shows at once? Waiting on baited breath for each episode, waiting for the episode to miraculously appear on DramaFever, or chewing my nails watching the subbing percent on Viki tick upwards? 56%….68%…73%….

Probably not.

Oh, I’ll do it again. I had a blast with Cherry Cordial. And simulcasting is a great way to sneak extra Kdrama time into my schedule. I don’t know. It’s easier to do 2 hours a week, rather than a whole day of to marathon a full 16. It’s funny how I measure my time in Kdrama like increments.

However, even though my schedule allows me fewer and fewer weekends for marathoning–in my heart–that’s how I prefer to take my dosage of this addiction. I’m the same way with books.

But simulcasting seems like the natural progression for a Kdrama watcher. No, I no longer fear that I’m going to run out of dramas as I once thought I might, there are just too many coming out all the time for that to happen, so there will always be plenty of backlog for me to go through, but there is something to be said for being in the loop. For being a member of the cool crowd talking about the newest and brightest. And now? I know that I can do it.

Oh, and in case you’re curious, the show was Master’s Sun.

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