And They’re Off! Battle for Top Drama Begins

Posted by Stephanie on October 11, 2013


heirsRecently I read an article asking which drama was going to come out on top for Wednesday/Thursday–Heirs, Secret, or Medical Top Team. When I first saw the headline, my first thought was ‘dur‘, of course it’s going to be Heirs. It’s the show which is the most greatly anticipated, has the all hottest young actors (yes, all of them) and the writer, Kim Eun Sook, is currently on fire.

Heirs all the way!

Not so fast, Heir fans–it does no one any good to just assume things. The ratings are in and Heirs not only didn’t not blow the competition out of the water, they didn’t even garner enough to land on top. Innnnteresting. At 11.6 Heirs came in at second place, a few points below Secret. And then the second episode ratings dropped 1.1%. Well, I didn’t see that coming. Maybe the hype machine worked in the wrong direction. Secret_Love-p

Of course, we should put this into perspective. Secret is on episode 6, so it’s got a nice headstart over the other dramas. And in no way is Heirs a flop, starting at 11.6 is nothing to sneeze at. There are some dramas which never break 10. However, didn’t Master’s Sun start over 13? In the same time slot, on the same channel? And I know it just ended over 21%. Was there no carryover?

It will be really interesting how this all turns out. medical top team

And poor Medical Top Team. A distant third. Is anyone watching this one? Was there anyone who looked at this and thought “oh goodie–can’t wait for that one!” I like the lead actress, but I’m not even sure what the plot is about. And medical dramas–shouldn’t there be a hook besides–‘we take place in a hospital’? New Heart had heart surgeons, Brain had brain surgeons, and Good Doctor had Joo Won.

I’m interested to see how all this works out!

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