Musical Monday: The Block B Edition

Posted by Stephanie on October 14, 2013


Block B may be very good–but they are terrible bank robbers. Their video, while awesome, is pretty much a “How Not To…” list.

1) Don’t use your getaway vehicle as a battering ram. You’re probably going to need that later–you know–TO GET AWAY. Not to mention the fact that you could have used the door. I’m pretty sure attention is going to be drawn to the bank with a van poking out of it.BB
2) DON’T TAKE OFF YOUR MASK! Especially within 5 seconds of entering the bank–it kind of defeats the purpose of having masks in the first place.BB3
3) And if you’re going to take off your mask, don’t look deeply into the eyes of your victims. My guess is, when you’re in the line up, she’s going to be able to ID you. And you will be in a line up because there’s no way you and your bozo friends aren’t getting caught.BB9
4) Don’t throw you’re money around. If you must celebrate by rolling in your cash, wait until you get back to your hideout. This is just sloppy–you’ll either have to leave that money there or pick it up off the ground. Either way it’s a waste of time and effort.BB5
5) Don’t smear yourself with the victims lipstick. It’s a waste of time. And if you do find the need for a lipstick touch up–for the love of Mike, take the tube with you–that thing is now covered in your DNA.BB7

6) Don’t try on the loot while committing the crime. I think there are better things you can do with your time. And on the off chance you came wearing this? Don’t do that either. That outfit doesn’t look very flexible, a tracksuit is probably more advisable.BB10

7) Eat before you get there–try protein–you’ll need the energy. If you forget to eat before committing your crime, don’t lick the loot. You don’t know where that’s been.BB12
8) Mid-heist is not the time to break into a choreographed dance. Something tells me you have more important things to do.BB13
9) Don’t bother cleaning up after yourselves! You’re committing a crime here–things are going to get messy.BB16

10) If you’re going to blow up the vault, don’t just walk away–take the time to actually look inside and see if there’s something to steal. Otherwise–why bother??BB15

Oh and P.S. Leave this guy at home. I’m not sure what he’s doing, but whatever it is, it’s not helping.BB11

Block B, Very Good

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