Tales from the Inside. A DramaFever Heirs Premier Party Report. Or: How DramaFever Helped Me Make My First City Friends

Posted by Stephanie on October 14, 2013


No one loves a party more than me–actually–that’s a big lie. As a natural introvert parties give me a case of the heebie-jeebies. But a party filled with Kdrama fans in honor of the hottest new Kdrama? Well it was time to put on the cloak of awesome, learn the public transit system, and get my Kdrama on.


The DramaFever Team

And you know what? It was totally worth it. DramaFever have a great staff of people working there who were excited about the event and went out of their way to chat and ask questions of anyone who accidentally bumped into them. Of course this could have been my press badge.

Press badge? What the what??dramafever3

Lets start from the beginning:

After finding a dress in the boxes amassed in my apartment, I hopped on the nearest bus, realized I was on the wrong bus, got off that bus, found a new bus, and was on my way. The line of people out the door and past the building told me I was in the right place. As the line began to move someone came by to check invites–which I didn’t have–and it turns out I wasn’t on the list. But, telling them that it was my DramaClub contact Aileen who had invited me, got me waved in.

At the top of the elevator was a large open room filled with chairs and a large screen for viewing, Heirs posters for everyone, and Kdrama fans everywhere. Security was top notch–no sneaking in here–as there was a second list checking again. I was worried, I’d made it through the downstairs with my name-dropping, would it work again or would I be this close only to be denied?


I wasn’t on this list either but this time when I mentioned Aileen and Crazy, I got motioned over to another list–turns out I wasn’t on the first list because somehow I was considered press. Me and my little ole blog were considered press. Frankly? It was a pretty awesome moment.

Anyway, the room was packed, everyone super eager to mingle and chat some Heirs. There was food and even better, an open bar. Since I don’t drink it didn’t matter to me–but lots of other fans appreciated the effort. A cut out of Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye was a big hit, people standing in line to get their picture taken with the the pair.


Me & Coco from Kdrama Fighting

I had a conversation with a product manager from DramaFever. Product Manager? It’s interesting to think of all the parts that go into putting these dramas on into our hot little hands. We chatted about Barefoot Friends and why possibly the network is has been holding onto it despite the endless cooking and terrible ratings. Innnnteresting….

I found a seat and my free poster next to some very nice ladies, Marisol from International Fangirl and her sister. After that it was time to begin and they started out with a bit of trivia with everyone clamoring to win a DramaFever t-shirt, bag, or some sort of new fangled box which from what I understand works like a Roku box. One of the questions was “Name a drama where someone gets and amnesia” and “Name a drama where someone almost drowns” these got the most laughs from the crowd as, we all know, it’s probably easier to name one which doesn’t. Mindful of my press badge, I didn’t think it was right for me to chime in, but it didn’t stop me from trying to help those around me win something. (It was a failed effort, sorry ladies.)

Before the start of the episode, we watched a brief pre-taped hello from Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye (perks of being a co-producer). At the end of the clip the screen went dark and then the tape resumed and we watched them get off the chairs and climb down the stage. This had the unfortunate effect of making the room buzz with the idea that the two were going to walk through the door at any moment. Which, of course, they didn’t. Then we all buzzed about what we’d have done if they had actually come in. The conceness was we would have have screamed or died. Just died.

The drama itself got a really good reaction. Especially the first shot of Lee Min Ho shirtless. Kim Woo Bin also got a great response–which made me think of Kfangurl. The best response of course was probably for the dumb surfer best friend. That cringe-worthy character had all of us hooting with laughter every single time he spoke or even just showed up on screen.

After the viewing I got to actually meet Aileen from DramaFever, who was incredibly nice and super bubbly. Sheparding me to the bar, she introduced me to both Coco from KdramaFighting, and Karen Yoon-kung from WeHaiyo who are also DramaFever bloggers and who I’d been hoping to actually meet. They were as great as I’d hoped and we chatted off and on for the remainder of the evening. Best yet? We made some future tentative plans to do some sort of blogger/kdramafan-meet in Ktown! (If you’re reading this ladies–get ready–this is so going to happen.)

What an awesome start to my new life here! Parties, Kdrama chatter, and new possible friends.


Photo from DramaFever

Speaking of friends–I’d like to give a big thanks to the Fair of Jersey City. I call her this as she’s a Kdrama fan from right here in Jersey City! We met at the DramaFever party (she’s the one in the picture above with the bow, within a bow within a bow hair tie) and we had a great time talking all the way home–which was a total carefree breeze thanks to her–she even made made sure I got a taxi safely home. I wish I could tell you what her name is, but I realize I’m an ass-hat who can’t remember. Cross your fingers that we meet up again!

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