30 Plus Episodes of Jung Il Woo? Count Me In!

Posted by Stephanie on October 15, 2013

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Well, not super in. Yes, Jung Il Woo has officially signed onto a new weekend drama, but the leading lady? Uee. Hrm. I’m not a huge Uee fan. But it is Jung Il Woo and it is a weekend drama so I’m at least very interested.

Did anyone else out there wonder when the heck he was going to finally sign onto a new drama? It seems like forever since his last one. Even longer considering the fact I didn’t watch his actual last one, Moon That Embraces the Sun. From time to time we’d hear news about him, him leaving his agency, him shopping for a new agency, to finally him creating his own agency. So, I guess he’s been busy just not in the way we like–you know–like on our screens?
Gold Rainbow is the story of 7 orphans who create their own family (Uee being one of the orphans). Well, that sounds interesting, I did enjoy Stars Falling From the Sky. Jung Il Woo plays an arrogant lawyer with daddy issues. Umm… like Stars Falling From the Sky

Thinking about it, Uee and Jung Il Woo make a good pair. Their ages and physiques seem like they would really match each other. Sometimes it’s hard to watch a drama where the couple just doesn’t don’t…fit. Maybe this will get me over my You’re Beautiful/Barefoot Friends bias against Uee. From what I understand she was really good in Ojakkyo Brothers. (Of which I’ve borrowed this from Kate and will finally be able to watch.)

A bit of a downside to Golden Rainbow? I’ve seen a few articles which have mentioned Uee has not one but TWO actresses playing the younger her. It makes me wonder just how many episodes they are going to spend in the past. Past episodes can be so boring–like a prologue to a book–which most writers will tell you is unnecessary. You start the story at the inciting incident and work the past into the story.

It’s too soon to say if anyone is going to be subbing this one for us, but the chances are, with the presence of Jung Il Woo, pretty good that it’s going to be accessible. The drama starts after the end of Scandal on November 2–which is totally my birthday! Jung Il Woo? Happy birthday to me!

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