I’ve officially Chosen Mi-Rae’s Choice

Posted by Stephanie on October 18, 2013


marry him if you dare

After the success of simulcasting Master’s Sun, Cherry and I decided to go in again. But which one? The obvious choice of course would be Heirs. I could hear it calling me…”Come on Stephanie…you know you want too….everybody else is doing it….” But as you know, my interest in Heirs goes from “Squeeee Lee Min Ho!” to “Umm…highschoolers? Really?” Then I watched the first episode, and the show went right to “Yeaaaahhh….maybe later. A lot later.”

So what does that leave? Is it just me or is there not much going on right now? I thought I was going to have to skip this round, but then this weekend happened and Mi-Rae’s Choice premiered to pretty much rave reviews! I’ve been looking forward to seeing this show since the first casting news emerged. I just didn’t think it was simulcast material. But the ticks in the plus column just keep piling up.

1) I love this poster! Doesn’t it look like a movie poster? And even better–looks nothing like any of the other drama posters out there.

2) It’s a Rom-Com-Apalooza! Is it me or has there been a dearth of good ol’ rom-coms out there? Thinking back, is was the last one Flower Boy Next Door? That was a really long time ago. Or was there one this summer? Isn’t summertime the time for light romance?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljwryMvrCh0]

3) The fact that the premise is the fact that the future self comes back to warn the heroine away from marrying the hero–as she actually does in her future? Well my mind just twists and turns around the twists and turns of what this plot is and what it could be–and anything that gets my imagination flowing? Well that’s worth any time I can give it.

4) People have seen the first couple of episodes and like it even more than the promos! Usually it works the other way around. *cough*heirs*cough*

4) And considering the premise–I’m not sure which guy to root for! The supposed to be hero or the supposed to be second lead. The show could do a switcheroo–I mean that’s what the future self wants, right? Who are we to say someone who twists and turns time to come back and change her own fate is wrong?mirae_choice3mrae_choice2

And from here–I can’t say which one is right for her. Yoon Eun-hye looks great with both guys! That’s her gift though, it doesn’t matter what crap show she finds herself in, Yoon Eun-hye has chemistry with anyone she’s paired with–it’s like her super power.

Is there anyone else out there watching this? Have I made the right choice? Let me know what you think!

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