Musical Monday: The Jung In Edition

Posted by Stephanie on October 21, 2013



I had some trouble finding a song for this weeks Musical Monday. First I was going to go with Park Na Rae’s (from Spica) first solo song, even though it was a ballad the song is really nice, but I was really disturbed by the video. Then I moved onto another girl song, I liked the beginning part of the song, and thought “This is it!” then the main part started and my excitement turned to blech.

Why do girl groups/singers make it so hard for me to enjoy them?

Luckily I kept going, and found this song. Jung In, who I honestly have never heard of before, has released her comeback album and this song is pretty. I like the sound of her voice and the almost blues-y style of the song.

One thing I like about the video is that the guy playing her boyfriend is Jung In’s actual boyfriend. Of 11 years. Um. That’s a long time to have a boyfriend.

Jung In, Autumn Guy

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