Yoon Shi Yoon Might Be Returning To Dramas. And I Am Not Pleased. No Really!

Posted by Stephanie on October 23, 2013

Casting News

prime ministerIn casting rumors I truly wish would remain a rumor, Yoon Shi Yoon is joining the cast of Prime Minister. Remember last week when I was talking about how Cherry Cordial and I were saying it’s about time he signed up for another drama? Yeah. This wasn’t what I had in mind.  I guess this will teach us to be more careful while wishing, huh?

Why does this news irritate me so much?

Let’s talk about the show in general. Even before this Shi Yoon news ever reached my ears I had no intention of watching this drama. A man in a romance with a woman 20 years younger than he is? Well, that makes me a bit uncomfortable. Then the hero is Lee Bum Soo.  It was pointed out that this is a good thing, he’s a great actor. Yeah, I guess I believe that. I’ve seen him in a few things and he’s completely believable. You know what I don’t believe? Any of the romances he finds himself in. He has like zero chemistry with any of the actresses he’s partnered with. Add zero chemistry with the already squidgy feeling I get from the premise itself?
A recipe for Stephanie disaster.
But that’s only part of what makes me cranky about this news. Second lead? Guy who doesn’t get the girl? Yoon Shi Yoon is better than this. For some reason this news feels like he’s taking a step back, he’s drifting down the ladder. He’s been a leading man for 3 projects. Yes, one of them was on cable, and one of them didn’t do very well, but at the very least there is still Baker King. And he got some great reviews for Flower Boys Next Door.
So this isn’t so much crankiness about the drama itself but worry over the state of his career. I’ve loved him since Me Too, Flower! and I want nothing but the best for him. Not in a creepy-stalker-wannabe-noona way but as someone who really appreciates his talent.
Watching Barefoot Friends, we’ve seen him talk down about himself and his acting. It makes me wonder, does he really feel that way? That would make me sad.

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