The DramaClub! I Guess This Means I’m Simulcasting TWO Dramas…

Posted by Stephanie on October 25, 2013



Just to let you know I signed onto another DramaFever DramaClub! After a couple of choices I went with A Clinic On The Sea, the one Japanese offering. While I’m not anti-JDrama, after my first and only attempt irritated me so much, I’ve been leery of trying again. But the synopsis was cute, the show is short, and I figured what the heck? Maybe it’s time to give J-Drama’s a second chance.

And I have to say that so far, I’m really glad I did. The first episode was adorable and it made me laugh a lot. It actually made me remember why I first got hooked on Kdrama. (Being that my first one was Playful Kiss.)

Here is the synopsis: 

Popular Japanese actor, Matsuda Shota (Boys Over Flowers), stars in this picturesque and unique medical drama about a traveling doctor who can’t seem to separate business from pleasure. A genius in his field, Sezaki Kota’s strengths are undermined by his character flaws, namely his tendency to fall in love instantly with beautiful women. Keeping him in line is Nurse Togami Mako (Takei Emi), a former delinquent now dedicated to helping the less fortunate. Will Kota find his bride-to-be waiting on an upcoming island, or could his true love be the woman he hasn’t fallen for?sea2

What caught my attention was the heroine, being a former delinquent who’s changed her life around.    It reminded me of Protect the Boss, which I also thought was cute. A rough and tumble, stand up for herself heroine is a bit of a scarce creature in the land of the Asian drama. So when possible, I’d like to check them out.

The ladies who are joining me are Tessieroo from Couch Kimchi and Unnichan from With Subtitles Please.  Our posts will come out Monday and Tuesday, the first one being a discussion of the drama and the second a conversation between us ladies!

Our first posts have already been released and can be seen here:
Episode 1 (1/2)
Episode 1 (2/2)

I hope you watch the drama and come check out our posts!

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