Is There Actually Gold At the End of that Rainbow?

Posted by Stephanie on October 30, 2013


Holy moly! Time in an outside of Kdramalandia is moving so quickly. I can’t believe we’ve already reached the premier date for Golden Rainbow? Wasn’t it just last week I was whining about it?

And it’s premiering on my birthday no less!

While I haven’t decided if I’m going to watch it or not, I have to say, I’m pleased as punch to know I was right about Uee and Jung Il Woo totally looking like an awesome couple together. See?Goldenrainbow

(Although I do have to say I miss his side-swept bangs.)

I don’t know, there’s something about their size and physicality which complement each other. I’d really be excited to see them together as a couple in a romance if it weren’t for the storyline.

This is like a Kdrama teeter-totter. I want to see it-I don’t want to see it-I want to see it-I don’t want to see it. I’ve got to decide soon as I’m getting dizzy and I need to get off.

I like the overall storyline. The put together family (have you noticed Kdramas really like patchwork familes?) of kids making their way through the world? A romance with a cocky lawyer hero with family issues of his own?

Count me in.

10 episodes of the past before our main characters even hit the stage? Birth secrets and super angst? Hrm. I don’t want to say count me out, but it’s not going to be tops on my TBWList. I mean check out this little preview:[youtube]
Weepin’, sobbin’ women.

I see it stars the woman who played Anna in Smile Dong Hae (where she spent most of the show sobbing). And for me that was a super crack drama filled with angsty birth secrets.

Great. Now I need to watch Smile, Dong Hae again. Darn it. It’s okay. I just need to think about something else for a while until the urge passes…

I guess a little makjang won’t kill me. Does anyone out there know if DramaFever or Viki are subbing it?

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