What the Hae?

Posted by Stephanie on October 31, 2013


againHave you ever been embarrassed to say you’re rewatching something again when there are so many shiny new dramas just waiting on your TBWlist—with more piling up all the time? Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with rewatching a drama. But again and again? It seems like there’s better use of my time. 
But really who’s to blame for this? Well, in all honesty—that would be you. FOR SHAME! Why do you do these things to me? Isn’t it enough that I take time out of my day to post random whatnots about Korean Television for you to imbibe? Now you’re all “Oh Stephanie write about Golden Rainbow”—knowing FULL WELL the sobbiness of Golden  Rainbow would make me think of Smile Dong Hae? And then thinking about Smile Dong Hae would make me want to watch Smile Dong Hae?

Didn’t you have any concern for my schedule? For my sleep needs before you acted?

No? I didn’t think so.

At approximately a billion episodes, or to be more honest, 159 episodes of weepin’ sobbin’ women, even at a highlight reel, we’re talking at least a week? And that’s a lot of Kdrama watching real estate. But what can I do? Once I have the rewatching bug in my ear, it’s almost impossible to ignore until it’s done.

When I’d reviewed Smile Dong Hae, I was sure it was the last time I would ever watch the drama (for these very reasons) but I should have known that this terrible crack drama would not be ignored.

Le Sigh. On to the next episode.

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