More Than Three Days Wait

Posted by Stephanie on November 6, 2013

Casting News

3 days 2How did I miss this bit of news? I don’t know why, as I don’t like political dramas and I don’t like thrillers but even though this show is both—I CAN’T WAIT. For some reason it’s struck my fancy.

Some of you may think that it’s only because Park Yoochun has been cast as the lead. Well you’d be wrong—so there. Okay. You’d be partly wrong. I do like Park Yoochun, I think he’s a good actor (at least the best idol turned actor out there) and I wished he’d choose more dramas I actually wanted to watch. (As Missing You just seemed painful and as popular, as it is, I can’t make myself watch Rooftop Prince with that ending.)

But Park Yoochun mixed with the plot of a bodyguard from the Blue House on the hunt for the abducted president? With all 20 episodes taking place within the span of 3 days? Again, I can’t wait! And it’s not even like this is a romance. As, if the story takes place during 3 days, and he has to find the president? He’s not going to be having much time to chat up the ladies. Or in this case, the female lead, who hasn’t confirmed yet, but is supposed to be playing a police officer.
I really like the idea of Park Yoochun playing a bad-ass. I don’t think we’ve seen that before, have we? I mean I guess the character could be different but it seems unlikely anyone can willy-nilly be a leader of the Blue House secret service.
This news also makes me remember fondly the days when I was watching I Really, Really Like You, as that took place partly around the Blue House and our eventual hero (Lee Min Ki) was a member of the secret service as well. That was a weekend drama, and by no means a thriller, but there was this one scene where the guys were doing a demonstration of their skills and what they might encounter in the line of duty. That scene with the men throwing themselves on top of a bomb in front of their families has stuck with me for a long time.
Anyway, Three Days doesn’t start until next year, and I’m sure that’s plenty of time for my fervor to either heat up or cool down. (See Heirs.) But either way I will definitely be keeping my eye out for this one.

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