Comin’ Out On T.O.P.

Posted by Stephanie on November 13, 2013


TOPIt’s like it’s raining BigBang members up in here (up in here, up in here). And now, free from his self-imposed hiatus, T.O.P’s finally releasing new music! Apparently this release is a little something he’s been cooking up since his movie, Commitment, wrapped filming. According to this slightly creepy promotional poster, not only is new music coming out—it’s due to be released this week. Friday! (Like we need another reason to feel like Friday will never, ever, ever get here.)

I would love teasing Cherry Cordial about BigBang’s apparent plans to go out on a whisper considering it’s been like 2 years since the release of Still Alive. But now we have G-Dragon (and his truly amazing music), Seungri (and his surprisingly good song), Daesung (okay I’ll be honest, I haven’t actually heard this one), Taeyang (who I was just blown away by), and now T.O.P. is coming back? I guess there’s still some Bang left in these boys after all.

Here’s hoping their new CD will be just as popular (actually, they’re BigBang, of course it’s going to be popular, I hope it will be just as good) as their last. And that they come back to tour in the states. It’s been a year since I’ve seen my boys in person, and frankly, I could use some more face time. It’s like a shot of adrenalin.

And did anyone else notice the ‘stache on T.O.P.’s bike? Heh.

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