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Posted by Stephanie on November 15, 2013


I happened upon this post by complete accident guys. I started out looking to talk about Tablo’s new show with his daughter which, apparently is nothing but cuteness, light and teeth hurting sweetness. Seriously, look at this:BOF10

How can you resist? I certainly can’t. I want in.

So the plan was to turn it into a Plea to the God’s of Kdrama post as it’s been a while since we’ve had one of those. But is there anything else I’m really dying to see, Kdrama wise, that I haven’t been able to get my hot little hands on? Not really. While the kdrama land is not so much filled with the rivers of meh we were mired in at the beginning of the year, I’m now more, “I guess I have to watch it”. Damn stupid shows getting great casts!

So I thought a bit more. The upcoming spinoff of Grandpa Over Flowers starts soon, Noona Over Flowers. That looks really cute. (Seriously, what is with me and the variety shows lately? I think I have to blame all that time I spent with Barefoot Friends). Originally the idea of the show made me roll my eyes, but the pictures that are coming through makes it not seem like the cheap spinoff I anticipated.GOF11

But that got me thinking. You know what? I never actually did watch Grandpa Over Flowers. I was excited about it at one time but it wasn’t easily subbed, so I let it pass. But then Hulu picked up the whole series and I meant to check it out…but you know. Life happens. HAHA! Who am I kidding? Life. I mean other Kdrama happens.

Anyway last night after checking out the episode of Soul I needed to watch for Operation Kdrama Chat (which is awesome guys–seriously, if you haven’t checked it out–pull out the scary movie blanket and give it a try. It’s actually really well written.) I had some time left before I had to go to bed. After watching an episode of the doctor slowly turning eeee-bil I reminded myself the guy who played the doctor is also the guy who was roped into being the porter. Maybe it was time to remember that I don’t actually hate Lee Seo-jin. You know, separate the guy from the character.Grandpaoverflowers

I’d heard it was good guys, but really? It is HYSTERICAL! I don’t remember the last time I laughed so much watching a variety shows. I’m thinking I laughed hard and loud enough to give my techno loving neighbors a run for their money.

Now, I’ve only seen one episode, so I don’t know if they can manage to keep up this level of humor, but I’m hooked. I’m not even sure where to start talking about this level of awesome–but bear with me while I try.

I always thought it was an act that Lee Seo-jin didn’t know exactly what he was signing up for. How could that be? I’m sure there is some sort of vetting process before he signed on for a show. Not to mention the fact, aren’t there rumblings of shows before they begin shooting?gof

But from the look on his face when he’s faced with 4 old men instead of the 2 hot young things he was expecting? The slow realization which went from “Hey isn’t that funny I bumped into them” to suspicious, to trying to cover his horrified shock? PRICELESS.

Then realizing he was going to have to fetch and carry, take care of, and plan out the days of these old men? He did it automatically, but the side looks of panic and stress made me laugh every time. While at the same time made me feel so bad for him.

When big kid of the grandpas freaked out in the subway over the stairs, but wouldn’t let Lee Seo-jin take his bag, instead choosing to take out the beef in soy-sauce his wife had lovingly packed for him and the crew and kick it down the hallway, Lee Seo-jin silently gathered the beef and carried it with him the rest of the way. Good guy. Not at all like the doctor in Soul.GOF5

The Grandpas themselves are just as funny. The youngest, Baek Il Sub, is such a big whiny kid. Pouting about having to make coffee for the group when he found himself being the youngest, the soy sauce incident. I imagine he’s going to whine his way across these 10 days. I think my favorite Grandpa is Shin Gu the second oldest, who I’ve previously seen in Thank You. He’s the happy go lucky grandpa. I loved the shot of him chipper in the subway when everyone else is so frazzled. But then, next shot? Grumpy. I don’t know why–but that made me laugh. He’s also the Soju lovin’ grandpa as we see him heading to the grocery store to stock up on bottles of soju to bring along on the trip. He even had nips to take on the airplane. I was thinking of him, the second oldest lugging all those bottles of soju without complaint when Baek Il Sub was freaking out about the container of beef.

I love the fact that the grandpa’s don’t stop at harassing Lee Seo-jin, they won’t hesitate in standing right up to the PD, and as they are the elders, if the grandpa’s insist on something, not even the PD’s can win out. When Baek I Sub insisted they remove the cameras from the beds? Who won? Grandpa. When Lee Seo-jin asked for more money for their trip, PD’s easily said no to him, but when Shin Gu came out and gave them what for? Guess who scored the extra money for the funds for the tickets to Moulin Rouge?

The power struggle is something you don’t see in other variety shows. Usually in variety what ever the evil PD’s say goes. Here? My guess is the grandpa’s are going to put a kink in that plan–and I can’t wait to see it.GOF3

After watching 25 weeks of Barefoot Friends and a seeing a production team that had no plan, no skills, and no idea what to do with their cast, it’s so refreshing to go to Grandpa Over Flowers and see what a stellar production team can do for a show. The mix of actual footage, computer effects and editing added to the experience. When they introduced the Grandpas while comparing to their Boys Over Flowers counter parts, I nearly died with laughter.

I can not wait to watch the rest of this show. As I said, I’m only one episode in, so it could all go downhill from here, but I really have a feeling that this is going to be variety done right.

Which is a nice change.

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