Miss Korea–Sometimes More Information Makes All the Difference

Posted by Stephanie on November 20, 2013


mis koreaNow that more show details are coming out on Miss Korea, I’m feeling less unreasonable dislike for this show, but I’m still not very excited about it. Am I alone out there? Or is everyone else out there all—”You’re crazy Stephanie, Miss Korea sounds awesome—I can’t believe you can’t see that for yourself. I now question your taste in Kdrama and, in turn, am questioning the of basis your so called expertise in that area. Good bye to you and all your bad taste.”

To which I say, “Woah. Chill out, fervent kdrama watcher—we don’t need to love exactly the same things to be friends.”

Kidding aside. The premise of this show no longer makes me as cranky as Prime Minister. What did it for me? The knowledge that the heroine is not going to a bright young thing, 20 years younger than our hero. What I said in my post on I Need Romance 2012 about noona romances works with (would you call them ahjusshi romances?) where the hero is way older than the heroine.

Especially when the girl is younger, as we have to choke down unwanted doses of the Oppa Pout Wiggle. The girls are usually flighty and need the strong hand of the understanding ahjusshi. (Um… I think I’m in a mood, pardon my unusually rantiness of gender roles in Kdrama the last couple of posts.) Anyway. I like my heroines who are strong enough to push back at our heroes, not ones who melt their hearts with their cuteness, light, and dopey behavior.

Which, I’m happy to report, Miss Korea is turning out to be. The heroine, rather than being the bright young thing, is actually the same age as the ahjussis who want to make her over to win the Miss Korea pageant. Starting out as the pretty queen bee of her school, the heroine has fallen on hard times and is relegated to working as an elevator girl in a department store.

Heh. This reminds me of what people would say about bullies when you’re growing up—they rule now, but later they’re going to end up working a dead end job while you just start becoming more awesome.

So the down on her luck—possibly repentant—former beauty queen has more interesting layers than originally anticipated. What happened to her? How did life change her? And is she going to start out still full of herself or has life completely beaten her down yet? I’d like it to be the latter. This also makes me more interested in the romance between her and Lee Sun Gyun’s character.

So overall, the news on this is all favorable.

Well. Except for the part where Sleepy Guy from Flower Boy Ramyun Shop is playing the villain. Um. Really? He certainly doesn’t look like he could pull off bad guy, and I didn’t love him in Ramyun Shop. Upside? Maybe he will be the villain like the restaurant manager was the villain in Pasta, yeah, he did bad things, got in the way of the couple, but was he an actual villain—VILLAIN? No. Just more of an annoyance.

So, we’ve had the first readings, which means promos, teasers, cast photos, and other promotional what-nots can’t be too far behind. Really, I’m hoping that each one will just keep kicking my interest up, further and further until by the time the show comes along, I really want to see it.

One can hope.

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