Changes to a Kdrama Fan. Or How Real Life Gets In the Way

Posted by Stephanie on November 29, 2013


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Not only has my location changed since my move to Big City Adjacent, it’s been months, months since I’ve had a good Kdrama marathon. And that is not a gross exaggeration, that’s just gross. I used to marathon, if not every weekend, then at least every other one. But now that I’ve moved? I’m having a hard time getting back into the rhythm of things.

When my days off come around, it comes to 3 options. 1) Watch Kdrama. 2) Catch up on blogging. (So. Far. Behind.) 3) Get out of my house and go exploring. Usually? It comes down to 2 or 3 and number 1, actually watching Kdrama, gets the shaft.
The thing of it is, now that I live in a location where there is actually tons of stuff to do and see, it’s kind of hard to justify sitting in my house and watching TV. You know. Except for the fact that TV is free and I is poor. 😉
Add that to the fact that sometimes I get bummed out that I don’t know anyone here and realize I’m not going to meet anyone on my couch? Kdrama hasn’t stood a chance.
When I get sad thinking about all the Kdrama I’m missing, I haveto step back and realize—it’s not like I’m not watching any Kdrama at all—I’m just watching them differently. I just finished up Soul for Operation Kdrama Chat, I’m watching A Clinic on the Sea for DramaFever, have watched lots of Drama Specials for to prepare for the next drama chat, and not to mention watching for the super top secret project Cherry Cordial and I are working on (no hints—but keep an eye out—we’re pretty excited!)
Just no marathons.
I feel a little disconnected. So I’ve decided, come heck or high-water, I’m doing a marathon this weekend. But it’s been so long, I’m not even sure where to begin. What I want to watch, what my tastes are. Weird. It’s like I have to start all over again. So whatever drama is chosen, it is has to be good. Really good. Reaffirming my love in Kdrama good.
If only Suspicious Housekeeper was complete!
Okay, so this is where you come in. Here are my only requirements:
1) It must be complete. It’s no marathon if you’re only catching up. A proper marathon is beginning to end.
2) It must be on DramaFever, Netflix or Hulu as I want to watch on my TV. If I sit at the computer I’ll be tempted to do something else.
3) I’d like for it to have a strong romance. What can I say? I’m feeling all romance-y.
4) I’d like for it to be no more than 16-20 episodes. Why? I don’t know when I’ll be able to get back for another marathon to finish and if I don’t finish this weekend, I might not go back (ala I Can Hear Your Voice, the last drama I attempted to marathon before the move).
If you’re looking for a list of dramas I’ve seen, here is a link to my completed list on My Drama List:Crazy for Kdrama

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