Incoming Star Lover–Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Posted by Stephanie on November 29, 2013


manfromanotherstar6Okay guys–teasers, pictures, and more plot details on My Lover From The Stars (also known as You From Another Star) came out and let me tell you–I CAN NOT WAIT! Serious Kdrama anticipation jitters going on over this one. Which is completely unexpected–as I knew this one was coming–I’d even done a post on it. And since I wrote that post even more information had come out and….nothing. But this update? Just goes to show how effective a good teaser can be.

And I swear it’s not just because of the all the shirtless-steamy-moody-kdrama showery goodness.

Probably not. (Although now that I’ve done the screenshot and am looking closer at the picture–I notice he’s taking a full on shower with a towel on. LAUGH)

I just love the chemistry of the pair, it just kind of jumps off the screen. It happened in Thieves and as evident from the teaser, it’s only continued here. How often do we get a pair with that much chemistry? Not often enough in my book.

I also like the style of the drama. I know part of it is the clever editing of the teaser, but a clever editor showing well shot scenes must mean that there is some skill behind the camera here. Good chemistry from good actors? Clever production team? All this needs is a good story for the perked interest trifecta.

And from what I can glean so far, they have what seems like a good story going on. Kim Soo Hyun plays the crash landed alien living in Korea for the past 400 years. He now works as a professor (a history professor perhaps??) in a university. Jun Ji Hyun plays a snooty top star. This is the been there, known that information. The new stuff that’s coming out is the fact that he was apparently her first love, who disappeared. I’m guessing they meet in the present and she must realize something is up as he hasn’t changed or aged in their time apart. Ooohh… accidental Noona romance?


Anyway, I currently can’t wait for this drama to start and in all likelihood will be simulcasting it. As, which other one would I choose? I can’t think of single upcoming drama which makes me as exited as this one does. Now I really can’t wait for Heirs to end!

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