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Posted by Stephanie on December 2, 2013


Thwarted, thy name is Stephanie. There I was this weekend, just looking to reaffirm my love of Kdrama, willing and eager to edge out a chunk of the busy schedule for a much needed marathon and it was a complete disaster.

Thanks to some very helpful readers, I realized that Suspicious Housekeeper had completely finished and was ready for my consumption. And while it did not have a romance in it (as was this time, one of my requirements) the four episodes I watched proved it to be a crack drama (which is ALWAYS a requirement).

So there I was, pj’s on, snacks at the ready, eager to begin my sit-in. And that’s when it happened guys. My premium DramaFever membership wasn’t working!! Now this is currently an ongoing issue, so I won’t go into too much detail, but let me tell you, if it doesn’t get worked out, you will most certainly hear about it.

Anyway. While VERY frustrated, I was still willing to give it another try. The lack of DF on my Roku meant I was down to 3 options. Netflix, where there collection of streaming dramas keeps getting ever smaller, Hulu, where I’d be forced to sit thorough commercials, rendering my bad mood worse, or the cleverly named channel, Kdrama. Nothing in their selection really caught my attention, but that could have been my mood. Still determined, I chose one from the TBWList and settled in.

Have you heard of this one? Air City?air city

If you have, I’m sorry for you. If you haven’t, trusty me, STAY CLEAR!

This drama did not reaffirm my love of Kdrama. It did not remind me of why I love these dramas. It did not entertain me. So why did I keep watching you ask? Well, I have that 4 episode rule. But really, I’m stubborn. I was determined to finish. And I did. Through boredom and crankiness, I finished today. And the ending made me so angry, I’m not sure if I’ll ever recover. This is it guys. I think I’m officially done with Kdrama. That’s right, Air City is to Kdrama what Lou Bega is to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. (Another ruiner.)

Okay, yes I’m being overly dramatic. And, yes, I will keep watching Kdrama. But as what happened with A Prince’s First Love (another stinker) the rose is officially off the bloom. I’m not sure what I’m more cranky about, the fact that my kdrama weekend was ruined, the fact that I won’t get to try again until after the holiday, or that I made myself finish such a terrible drama instead of just giving up.

And there are may be people out there who would like this drama. Those of you, (I know you’re out there) who love the more realistic dramas, this may be for you. And yes, there is a time and a place for realism in my TV watching. I enjoyed the heck out of both Woman Who Still Want to Marry and I Need Romance 2012. I know not everything needs to be tied up in a neat little bow, a happily ever after complete with kids and a dog. But you know what? While I know real life is not like that–I like my Kdrama to be. I like my fluffy bows. I like knowing that there was a point to the 16 hours I just put in.

And Air City, with it’s boring repetitive storylines, it’s plots and characters that were introduced just to be dropped or pushed aside, turning Lee Jin Wook into a twerpy B-Lead, and its “what the fudge” ending, was not what I needed.


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