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Posted by Stephanie on December 3, 2013

Casting News

Bits of Variety news, none of which deserving its own post, but together? A lovely collection of happiness.

First off, Noona’s Over Flowers with their carry-boy Lee Seung Gi, is being carried, right from the start, over at Hulu! Not super big news, but I remember with the original version, Grandpa’s Over Flowers, it took quite some time, and difficulty to find subbed episodes. Luckily the success of that show means we won’t have to wait for its spin off. In the beginning I wasn’t as excited about this as the boys, but I do love me some Lee Seung Gi and the ladies look like they’ll have fun with him.

Noona’s Over Flowers, premiers next week—and you’d better believe I’m not going to wait as long to try it as I did the first.

This one is going to be a little harder to find than the other, but I’m no less excited about it. Kim Ji Hoon is hosting a new show! Not only that, but he’s doing it with his bromance partner in crime, Lee Ki Woo. I need to see this show like I need…cupcakes. (Trust me, at this moment, I need me some cupcakes.) I love Kim Ji Hoon—even more when he’s not reading a script. His episode guest spot on Barefoot Friends, was the highlight of the entire cooking series. He was hysterical. And that same episode, when Lee Ki Woo popped in, he was almost as cute. I still remember he brought how own collapsible spoon to dinner.

Anyway, the show is not so much a variety show as a lifestyle show, where they talk about men stuff. Yeah, there isn’t much more information out than that. But really, do we need more? No.

Screenshot 2013-11-22 at 8.52.50 AM
It was announced at the MAMA awards that Rain has taped a reality show. Hrm. Really? Well. I’m sure there are lots of people who are very excited to see this. Not so much me, but I’m just here to report the news in a completely unbiased way.
Anything else?
Oh, this happened on Running Man—how freaking cute were the pair of Lee Seung Gi and Kwang Soo? Answer: THIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSS CUTE!


Hmm…there was something else there…now what was it? Oh right! Guess who’s going to be on the next episode of Running Man? No less than Gong Yoo! Holy crap guys. Gong Yoo pretty much never goes on variety shows. I can’t wait to see this! Now usually I have trouble staying awake though the entire episode. What can I say? It’s a sickness. But this episode? For Gong Yoo? I’ll bulk up on the caffeine, chug down the energy drinks, and suck on some pixie sticks to make sure I get through.gong yoo

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