It’s a Viki Christmas!

Posted by Stephanie on December 4, 2013


viki_xbox_tvshowsJust announced yesterday, Viki has released a new app for the XBox 360. Why should we care? Well, for me this does no good as I don’t have an Xbox–360 or otherwise. However, for those of you out there who do, this is another way for you to watch Kdrama on your actual, real life television. Think of the possibilities! Gong Yoo, Min Ho, and….other khotties on your big screen.

Since again, I don’t have an Xbox, I wouldn’t be too excited except for the fact that this is possibly one step closer to Viki finally creating a Roku app. Now a Roku box, that I have. And a Viki channel? I’ve been waiting anxiously for a very long time.vikixbox

When word was released that Viki had been bought out by the big Japanese company we wondered what this would mean for us watchers. More Japanese dramas? Well that’s nice, but we were hoping this would equal more tech advances, ie a Viki Roku channel.

So I’m very happy for those of you out there with a XBox. Me? I’ll settle for the small germ of hope that the Roku channel isn’t far away.

Read more on the Viki Blog.

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