Viki Chromecast: A Review

Posted by Stephanie on December 18, 2013


Just the other week I posted on Viki’s release of an app for the XBox 360. Within their news release, they said to keep an eye out as they planned to be announcing more releases in the near future. Well, the next one is out and it is COOL.

Hello, Chromecast.ht_chromecast_nt_130724_16x9_992

I read the article and thought–oh, that’s nice–another device thats not a Roku box. But just this weekend, I went home for the holiday where my tech savvy friend Shane had a bunch of them and let me try it out on the TV in the room I was staying.

It is so cool and so easy to use, I squealed like a little girl. Now looking back, I’m a little embarrassed for myself.

Now I’m a little unsure on the actual technical details, but I’ll go over what I know. The Chromecast works in conjunction with your phone. Just insert the Chromecast into your tv, download the app onto your phone, and you’re ready to go! To actually play dramas on your television is even easier.
1) Just open up the Viki app you already have installed on your phoneviki chromecast 7

2) Choose the drama and episode you want to watch.viki chromecast 2

3) On the phone press the symbol for Chromecast. This will launch the episode on your TV.

Viki chromecast 84) Chose your deviceviki chromecast4

5) Begin watching!

How easy is that?
Your phone will also work as your remote. You can pause, play, and rewind. And better than the Roku, you can even control the volume from your phone as well. Now, since the phone is just telling what the Chromecast to do and not actually playing the drama itself, you have full use of your phone without disrupting what’s playing on your TV. (Don’t ask me how it actually works, I have no idea. It might as well be elves and fairy dust for all that I understand technology.)viki chromecast 6

Even better? You don’t need a subscription to watch like you do with any Kdrama apps on the Roku box!
I tried a few different dramas via the Viki app and everything worked flawlessly. The quality was fine, it was a little pixilated, but I’m contributing that to the giant TV I was watching it on rather than the app itself.viki chromecast9

One thing I really liked about it was the fact that the subs always seemed to fit the screen. When watching other players on my Roku, there were a lot of times I couldn’t view the drama full screen as the subs would be cut off on the bottom. Very irritating.

Since posting the other week on the XBox360 and wishing for a Roku app, I’ve heard that Viki did have a program for the Roku, but it never made it out of Beta mode and there was only a limited library of titles to choose from. Now I could be wrong, but it looked like everything that’s available on the phone is available to watch on the Chromecast.

My very next Christmas present to myself will be a Google Chromecast. Why not? My life is already ruled by Google anyway. And the price point at $35 (my techy friend said BestBuy is now having a sale on it for $30), is well within my budget, and totally worth it to get the variety of shows on Viki with the ease of the Chromecast. (And it also helps that you can also play Youtube and Google Play on your Chromecast.)

So, in conclusion, way to go Viki! You now have a loyal watcher in me.

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