A Very Kdrama Christmas Part 4 : The Holiday Video Collection

Posted by Stephanie on December 19, 2013


Are we ready for some holiday entertainment? We’ve got a collection of themed whatnots, be them movies or dramas. Now a caveat. The only one I’ve actually seen is Happy Ero Christmas, which I didn’t like. I listed it here because, I’m not sure if I hated it because it was bad or if it has more to do with my extreme dislike of Cha Tae Hyun. However, I’m now really looking forward to watching All For Love.

all for love
In this unofficial remake of the 2003 American holiday hit Love Actually, the week leading up to Christmas serves as a saccharine backdrop for several couples who have fallen in love, are about to fall in love, or are just now discovering that love simply wasn’t all they’d thought it would be. Charming and sweet, but with a decidedly contemplative note, All for Love hits on everything we’ve ever loved about the holidays – and each other, interweaving a series of stories into one heartwarming and thoughtful film that will stick with you forever.
Happy Ero Christmas

Yearning to be a respectful cop and vanquish the evil since he was young, Byung-ki (Cha Tae-hyun) is a patrolman of few words in a village, helping out trivial tasks like distributing promotional papers. One day, he runs into Min-kyong (Kim Sun Ah), an employee of the neighborhood bowling alley, and falls for her at first sight. His attempts to woo her, however, are hardly noticeable and even seem to be gloomy as the boss of the local gang Sang-doo, who also swoons over Min-kyong, strikes to get her virginity on Christmas Eve! Watch for the goofy tricks of the two to compete for Min-kyong and finally come to blows!
Christmas in August

Somewhere in Seoul, Jung-Won runs a small shabby photo studio. A humble shack passed down from his widower father, the studio is a space where Jung-Won goes about with his daily routine of dealing with fussy customers, enlarging photos of class heartthrobs for the neighbourhood kids and photographing pictures to place on funeral altars. For Jung-Won, life seems to be a series of peaceful events, but in reality his time on earth is too limited for comfort. Barely in his mid-30’s but perhaps too aware of the meaning of death, Jung-Won accepts his fate despite the subtle gestures of concern coming form his old father and younger sister. Life goes on as usual until one day he meets Darim who works at the Traffic Control Division of the local district office is a regular customer at the studio. Her daily visits to develop snapshots of parking violations and her somewhat bold attempts to capture his attention stirs a feeling inside Jung-Won with which he deals in anticipation. As his health gradually deteriorates, Jung-Won is faced with the painful duty of bidding farewell to family, friends, to the studio and to Darim……
Will It Snow For Christmas

Cha Kang Jin is the son of barmaid, Cha Chun Hee. His life is difficult as he gets into fights and has to watch other people push his mother around yet he can’t do anything to stop it. He met Han Ji Wan when they were teens but they weren’t able to continue their relationship as Ji Wan ran away. He meets Ji Wan 8 years later, when he’s attending her engagement ceremony to Park Tae Joon. However, he is heartbroken as Ji Wan pretends to not remember him at all.
White Christmas

white christmas
Susin High School, nicknamed “Prison High,” is an elite school attended by the top 1% of students in the country. Their stellar marks are the result of constant pressure and a strict punishment system, to the point where students avoid from any activities outside of studying. It is in this atmosphere that seven students and a teacher remain at school for the winter break, joined by Kim Yo Han, a psychiatrist who was forced to take shelter with them after he was involved in a car accident nearby. At a time when everyone else is celebrating Christmas Eve, the students realize that the anonymous letters they each received were not the result of a harmless prank; there was a murderer in their midst. A question lies unspoken: Are monsters created, or are humans born monsters?
Merry Christmas North!

merry christmas north
Ryang Kang Do, Sam Ji Yeon Gun, Bo Cheon Ri. In this village live poor Jong-soo and Jong-seong with their widowed mother. Jong-soo is fourth grade the Bocheon-bo In-min school and is very cheerful and adult-like. His dream is to go to Pyeongyang. However, despite his activeness, Jong-soo despairs at the fact that children with an unfavorable appearence like him can’t enter Pyeongyang. Having decided he will go to Pyeongyang, he strikes a bonanza. He picks up an ad balloon that came from Seoul to North Korea last Christmas. The children who saw Jong-soo’s present go crazy at the santa outfit and robot, and pack a bunch of their stuff and all gather in Jong-soo’s house. Even Jong-soo’s brother Jong-seong who was in the hospital for malnutrition seems to be getting better with the appearence of the robot. The children who are wearing the santa outfit become a speciality. All the jealous children start begging their mothers for the same kind of robot…
Six actresses Yoon Yeo-jeong, Lee Mi-sook, Ko Hyeon-jeong, Choi Ji-woo, Kim Min-hee and Kim Ok-bin, each portraying themselves come together for a Vogue magazine photo shoot on Christmas Eve, resulting in a clash of egos between individuals not used to sharing the limelight.

Romantic Island
In “Romantic Island” three couples pair off after arriving in Manila, Philippines. The first couple are a middle-aged husband & wife tandem that are taking their first ever trip overseas. The husband (played by Mun-shik Lee) has never taken his wife anywhere before, but he has reasons for taking her on their first trip. The husband has a brain tumor and he plans to end his life in the Philippines for insurance money. Convenience store clerk Jung-Hwan (Lee Min-Ki) is offered a free ticket to the Philippines by a friend. Although Jung-hwan is broke he is more than happy to go, especially to forget his ex-girlfriend who dumped him because of his inability to find a better paying job. At the Manila airport, Jung-Hwan is stunned when famous Korean pop singer Yu Ga-Young (Eugene) approaches him to use his cellphone. For Ga-Young, coming to the Philippines is a spur of the moment decision to get away from the pressures of making her next album. Soo-Jin used her entire savings to come to the Philippines Her home life is a mess and she is in part running away from her family. At her hotel in Manila, she encounters a fellow Korean named Jae-Hyuk (Lee Seon-Gyun). Jae-Hyuk is a successful businessman that came to the Philippines for family matters. His long estranged father, who re-marries in Manila, has passed away. Soo-jin accompanies Jae-hyuk to meet his step sister.

If you know of any that I’ve missed–please let me know!

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