A Very Kdrama Christmas Part 5 : A Holiday Party PSA

Posted by Stephanie on December 20, 2013


the_more_you_knowThis is it. The big weekend for the holiday parties. And we here at Crazy For Kdramas know how difficult it can be to mingle and blend in with the non-kdrama watchers in our lives. So here are a few guidelines to make your party experience as successful as possible.

Try not to attack people with the business end of candy canes, hang them up with christmas lights, or batter them about the head with fruitcake for any disparaging remarks about your kdrama obsession, expressed vocally or merely implied with the dreaded eye-roll.

While hard, you should also try to keep the kdrama/kpop chatter to a minimum. Yes, people may ask what you’re up to now, but they are probably not looking for an hour long dissertation of the world of kdrama, which may or may not include the list of all the shows you watched throughout the year or why Kdrama is so much better than regular television.

partyI’m not saying don’t talk about Kdrama, kdrama is awesome. And a kdramaless life is just sad. However, we need to ease people into the obsession. Push too hard and you’re suddenly the crazy in the corner no one wants to talk to. If you’re not sure how much kdrama talk is too much, I completely understand. Every person is different! Here a few things to look for:

  • Are their eyes glazed over?
  • Are they creeping? Inching back further into the crowd with word?
  • Are their eyes darting around the room–looking desperately for an exit?

If any of all these things are true–it’s time to let them go. If they are doing all three? You’ve officially become the crazy of the party. Your only hope of social redemption is if someone drinks too much (insert holiday alcoholic beverage here) and vomits on something.

Try to prepare some statements ahead of time. Lay out your argument for Kdrama in as few words as possible, while still being interesting.

Another tip might be to wander the party, keeping an ear out for any television discussions. Try to insert yourself into those conversations. This is where preparing in advance will be helpful for you. Anticipation is the key. You know what the current popular shows are–just try to find their Korean counterparts.
Now that you know waht to look for, what to watch out for, go out! Have fun! But don’t stay out too late–that Kdrama isn’t going to watch itself!

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