Top 5 Kdrama Christmas Moments

Posted by Stephanie on December 23, 2013

Top Five

A Very Kdrama Chrstimas wouldn’t be complete without a listing of my favorite Kdrama Christmas moments!
(in no particular order)
1) Flower Boy Ramyun ShopFBRS5128

How could I leave Flower Boy Ramyun Shop off the list when the entire wrap of the show takes place on Christmas. We get to see every character experiencing, if not their happily ever ever, then just seeing them surviving and thriving after the destruction of the ‘family’. I loved seeing the boys still together at their new job, did not care for the girlfriend still playing her games with the guy, and it was interesting to think that the main couple had no contact with each other all that time. It’s a problem with the subs that I can’t figure out if he is completely done with his service or just on a leave (I’m choosing to believe it’s just a leave as that would be an asshole move to not contact her for 2 years) but it’s nice to see them sink right back into each other. And Il Jung Woo in dark hair? Rawr!

2) Secret Gardensecret garden

Now this one really started with a Kiss. When Gil Ra Im’s fairy god mother took her to Kim Joo Won’s big-wig Christmas party, Kim Joo Won put everything on the line, making out with kissing her in front of everyone, it was one of those big grandiose moments we all squee over. There was no glossing over their relationship, no sweeping it under the rug. Kim Joo Won loved Gil Ra Im and he wanted everyone to know. Which was also a bit of a relief after some of his asshat treatment of her throughout other parts of the drama. Why? Why oh why did this drama need to have body swapping? It would have been such a better drama.
3) It Started With a KissScreenshot 2013-12-17 at 11.20.46 PM

I honestly didn’t think I was going to like this drama as much as I did. But there was so much more to this drama than it’s Korean counterpart, Playful Kiss. But the extra scenes had exactly what the other drama was missing. More insight into the heroes character and their first Christmas is a great example. Realizing her both her friends have bailed on their christmas plans, leaving Xiang Qin alone for the holiday, Jiang Zhi Shu sneaks away from his fathers party and brings her fried chicken and cake. The sidelong glances we get from the actor is so telling to his feelings, letting us as the audience know he really does like her despite her antics. And when she gives him the book on Hypocratics, he’s honestly blown over by the thoughtfulness of her gift–even if he had already read it. This one Christmas great steps are made in this relationship…and it makes me go all….awwwwwww.
4) NineScreenshot 2013-07-10 at 9.01.32 PM

Episode three was like a christmas-apalooza up in Nine. We visited the ghost of Christmas past, when Park Sun Woo goes into the past to visit his mother, to give her a better Christmas than she actually experienced. Heartwarming to the max. Ghost of Christmas Present brought us an adorable date with Joo Min Yong and Park Sun Woo. Where he caves into her wishes and flashes a heart sign to their coworkers, proving, in the most embarrassing way possible that they were indeed dating and in love. And sadly, Ghost of Christmas Present poked in his ugly two cents, when the consequences for his willy nilly time traveling settled in and the woman he loved no longer existed.
5) Playful Kiss

playful kiss
I couldn’t have a Kdrama christmas list without listing my very first Kdrama, Playful Kiss. Here we have another drama ending on Christmas. I liked that we ended the drama with Oh Hani, completely forgetting her all important date with Baek Seung Jo. I think it showed signs of her growth as a character that she was not going to live her life as a puppet to him. Yes, she still loved him with all her might, but she also learned there were other things that were important to her, like pushing forward and becoming a nurse. And the fact that he stayed at the restaurant waiting for her was a big awwww…..moment for me too. He really does love her. And there was no way that episode Baek Seung Jo would have waited or worried over her. And call me corny, but when he tells her that every day with her was like Christmas–my insides got all gushy.
Honorable Mention: Me Too, Flower, when Cha Bong Sun, locked up on the roof, hallucinates into thinking Seo Jae Hee was there and singing Christmas Carols to her. Yoon Shi Yoon singing? Come on!me too flower

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