A Very Kdrama Christmas Part 11: A Letter to Santa

Posted by Stephanie on December 24, 2013


Dear Santa,

We here in the Kdrama fandom have all been very good girls and boys this year. And as per our agreement, we are here to request what is our due. And let me tell you–best behavior does not come cheap. So settle in your chair, and prepareyourselves for our lists:Aimee be Cherry karen laurie nelly nelly2 niki Pamela

And for me? I’d like Jung Woo Sung, wrapped beneath my tree, I’d like for Nell to have a concert in NYC, and if it wouldn’t be too much trouble, for Eunhyuk and Yoon Shi Yoon to be my new BFF’s.

Thanks for listening Santa! We appreciate your consideration in this matter. Because trust me. You don’t want to cross a kdrama fan. We’re all slightly bent.


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