A Non-Christmas Movie

Posted by Stephanie on December 31, 2013

So last week I talked about Korean holiday themed posts. One of them gave a list of movies/drama’s with a holiday plot-line. Easy enough, right?
The one I was mostly interested in was a movie, All For Love, reported to be a Korean take on the now classic Love Actually. Taking place the week before Christmas, it featured intersecting love stories. Looking at a few different sources I came up with this poster:all for love
Great! It’s been on the Netflix queue for a while. Now, during the holidays was a perfect thing to watch before I settled into my Christmas drama marathoning. Let me set the stage,  my Christmas tree blinking bathing the room in holiday cheer, christmas presents tucked beneath, holiday scented candles flickering around me, cold eggnog in front of me. I was ready to be enchanted in love stories and holiday spirit.
What I got instead? Nudity. Lots of nudity. Even more sex. A ghost (not the Christmas kind), flesh eating vampires, bondage, and partner swapping teenagers.

Now, I should put out there that I’m not a prude. No, that was not the issue. The issue was that this was not and could not be construed in any way as a holiday movie. Yes, we did see a Christmas tree in the second vignette. But it was only for a few moments and was certainly not what the story was about.
And should I repeat that there was flesh eating vampires?
Not. Christmas.
Then I was made aware I’d actually watched the wrong movie. It was an easy mistake. Check out the actual poster. Did one just copy the other? my lovely week
I breathed a sigh of relief. So the fault was mine and not the movie. At that point I was on a missing. I needed to see the actual movie. I needed to wipe my naked movie blunder away and replace it with a dose of holiday goodness. A spoonful of sugar and all…
After searching high and low, Cherry was able to find us a copy and we decided to watch together. Which was also taking a big chance. If this one turned out to be another erotic-lite film, there was some embarrassment coming our way. But I pushed on undeterred. How could this go wrong a second time?
Apparently when I asked this the God’s of Kdrama laughed uproariously.
Guys. There is no easy way to say this. The movie sucked giant monkey balls. Too crass? Umm… it was a flaming piece of poo? No, sorry, the monkey balls is just a better fit.
Not only was this drama also not a holiday movie, I hated almost every single character within it. They all acted stupidly and then were either surprised bad things happened because of their choices or angry at others because of their own stupidity.
I had thought I was rooting for one couple, the nun in training and the washed up rocker (played by the guy who played Doctor’s Sun in Heartless City) in the mental ward, but by the end of the story, the writers had even ground my enjoyment of that one down.my lovely week3
I was torn. I did like the storyline with the male housekeeper and the businessman, and wanted them to get together because the housekeeper was so cute but then I was reminded the businessman was an asshole who beat his son with a switch. I’m sorry, because I liked the housekeeper so much and the only bit of whimsy he brought to the movie, I could not, in good conscience root for them to be together–housekeeper deserved so much more. Which meant that, of course, when they pseudo get together by the end, I was even crankier.
I can’t tell you just how much this movie made me angry. Just ask Cherry Cordial. There was profanity. Lots of it. On top of the swearing there was angry sighs, and quite a few “UGH”s in frustration.
If there was a bright light in any of this, it was that I didn’t actually got to Ktown to buy it as I’d planned when it was so hard for us to find it. Because if I’d actually spent $6 for the video and $5 for the train and had it turn out to be such a piece of crap? I would have really been pissed angry.
Who know I’d look back fondly at the first movie? While it was not a great movie, put up next to this one, it was wonderfully done. Or at least it had a nakers Jang Hyuk. And Song Joong Ki. That’s good for a lot, right?

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