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Posted by Stephanie on January 2, 2014

Recently Updated9*covers mouth* I almost combusted on the night Stephanie asked (or proposed) *wink* if I could do a guest post on her awesome blog! I do! I really, really do wanna! Wow, it feels unreal and most of all, I feel truly honored. Stephanie is a blogger I look up to… She’s way up there, and I’m….. *waves* hi, I’m here. But that’s okay, the most important thing is to have fun and I am having fun. For those who don’t know me, annyeong! My name is Nelly and MyMyooz is my blog. I have been blogging for a while but mostly behind the closet. I finally decided to come out and create MyMyooz. I’m a little “special” than other bloggers out there. I only do partial review on the dramas I watch. Why? *shrugs* I don’t know, I just want to be special hehehe. But, in my opinion, it is important to let my readers know if it is worth their time investing on the particular drama. It’s a yay or nay review. But lately, I have been venturing into doing timeline recap. I’m new in this arena but it will not stop me from moving forward.

Amuden, Stephanie’s proposal has made me scavenging through my list for weeks. It is not an easy thing to decide. I’m an easy to please person but every 2013-produced dramas were meh and bleh. I know there are few ones that stand out from the crowd (including the bad ones). And mine are:

Best of 2013

The Ka-Pow drama: Heartless Cityheartless city

A dark thriller, Cruel City is the most fabulous drama I’ve seen this year. I must say when the show wrapped up, I was completely disarrayed. Cruel City, a Korean-mafia druglord-meet-Bourne action packed style is a highly engaging and addicting drama. Shi Hyun aka Baksa (doctor’s son) is the main character that drives the Cruel City from beginning to the end. His bad boy yet sophisticated image had me swoon for the entire series.  I can see few striking resemblances to City Hunter, even though both stands up in its own way. Cruel City deserves two thumbs up from me.

What I learned from Cruel City? Watch out – because of everyone is an undercover cop!

The Revenge-Gone-Wrong drama: Secret


It started meh and I almost dropped it (but I didn’t because of my kdrama 2013 resolution). By the end of episode 4, Secret had me dog gone crazy! I was salivating all over the show, I kid you not. My goodness… Min Hyuk started a revenge plot against Yoo Jung in hope that she would live a living hell all her life for killing his lover. In the process of tormenting her life, he found himself drawn to her as a person more so as a killer. Secret has interesting plots with few twists from OTP’s counterpart. Secret was highly addictive for me and the OST is great as well!

Secret taught me one thing: you simply can’t trust the law.

The Boing-Boing drama: Nine (Nine Times Time Travel)
I seriously think Sun Woo was born with 9 lives through 9 incense sticks he inherited from his dead brother. One minute he’s in present year, another minute he’s in the past trying to save his brother’s life in which unintentionally affected his life as well. It felt like I was on a roller-coaster when Nine was airing. It was one highly intense drama at the time and the cliffhangers left me breathless. This show provoked me in a way I never thought it was possible. This is a definite MUST WATCH drama!

What did I gain from Nine? Expect the unexpected! And make sure you have a bottle of soju with you.
The Noona Romance drama: I Hear Your Voice (IHYV)ihearyourvoice
Now who doesn’t love noona romance, right? IHYV is by far the best May-December romance drama I’ve seen for a while. It was lite, funny, witty, smart, cute and lovely. Park Soo-Ha is a mysterious high school student with ability to read minds. Jang Hye Sung is a feisty, bold and sassy lawyer. Together, they both work to solve one of the longest murder cases that coincidentally they are both part of. This summer romance drama is wanjeon daebak and c’mon, who doesn’t like cutie pie Lee Jong Suk, right? If you haven’t watched it, what are you waiting for?

With IHYV, you only learn one thing: Trust your instinct!

The I-See-Dead-People drama: Who Are YouWho-Are-You-Poster3

A really grounded yet mysterious ghost drama. Who Are You left me chilled to the bone! It was super scary with awesome ghost effects (computerize is so over). It was not the most original plotline but its certainly fresh in my kdrama history. I enjoy the quirky relationship between the main leads. They have great chemistry and it was believable to my eyes. I love that the romance was not overpowering as it focused on the main idea: who are you, as in who are these ghosts and why are they haunting Detective Shi On. My only complaint? Stop blurring the bloody weapons!

What I learned from Who Are You? Watch your back! You never know who is following you!

The Classroom drama: Queen’s Classroomqueens classroom

Yes, yes… it beats School 2013! The lessons learned you get from watching the Queen’s Classroom is spot on! I sobbed buckets and buckets of tears this summer. Never would I imagine a bunch of kids could be so compassionate and caring, and more adult than we are. Queen’s Classroom reminded me of Nanny McPhee meets StepMom. This is a masterfully well executed drama. Teacher Ma not only handled bully cases perfectly but she did it in a very unconventional way that many would perceive it as taboo. This is one of the greatest classroom dramas I’ve seen! A MUST WATCH!

Lesson learned from Queen’s Classroom? Trust your teacher, no matter what! Or should you? *raises brow*

The Puzzle drama: Answer Me 1994
Yes, yes… You can’t leave 2013 without Reply 1994. Reply 1994 brings me back to memory of the1997, it was the first time I met Stephanie on Twitter land. But hey, that’s another story… *wink*. Anyway, I love Reply 1994 (and more so than 1997) because the cast are much more mature and the writing is top notch solid. And I love it for the fact that the drama is making you guessing who will be the last man standing next to Na Jung? Is it oppa or ChilBong? Or, could it be Haitai??? This is the best comedy drama I’ve seen this year. Jjang jjang!

With 1994, I learned one thing and one thing only: if the guy is trashy, he is the one!
The Oh-My-Achy-Breaky-Heart drama: That Winter, The Wind Blows
that winter the wind blows
I was a total wreck when this drama ended. Oh my gosh, I thought TWTWB was the best romance drama ever. I love it! I can’t describe how crazy in love I was… especially with Jo In Sung. What a good looking man. Yes, I admit the drama gets pretty stalky at one point. She’s blind, and him looking at her near and far… *explosion in my head*. TWTWB was beautifully shot too, full of fluffiness, cuteness, cotton balls, and awesome color schemes. I know many people find it to be very disappointing but I don’t. I love every pieces of it even though at times I find it confusing. The OST is great, by the way. If you are into mellow romance and don’t want to think too much (logical or illogical), this is the drama for you.
TWTWB proves one thing: you CAN fall in love with your sibling! Eeeeewwwww *stick your fingers in your ears*, you did not hear that from me!
Worst of 2013
The WTF drama: Crazy Love
It was so bad but I can’t stop watching it…! But please, take my advice! Just don’t watch it. I have no words to describe this ridiculous family drama, and don’t even ask why I watched it in the first place. The jealousy, the revenge, the what’s-yours-is-mine and mine-is-mine mentality just really, really irks me to the bone! *shudders* Never again! I spent my entire spring, summer and fall getting pissed! This is one drama no one should EVER watch it! And guess how many hours I have wasted? Let’s see…. 100 episodes x 30 minutes each = wait? Is that 50 hours all together? And the pain + mental torture I had to go through? Maldoandwae! Maldoandwaeeeeeeeeeeeee!

What did I learn from Crazy Love? Pfh – nothing. No lesson worth taking! What did I gain from it? Potty mouth!
The Cross-Dressing drama: Nail Shop Parisnailshopparis
I can’t believe I saw this drama! Seriously, it was one of the worst gender-bender dramas ever! A writer is out of inspiration for her gumiho webtoon decided to disguise herself as a male manicurist assistant in an all-male nail salon in hopes that she could have a new direction for her work through these men.  Pfh… Whatever! Yes, I finished it but I felt so useless. Not funny at all. What a waste of energy!
Lesson learned? None. Seriously *sigh*. Oooh, wait!  I learned the latest nail design. Is that a help?
The zzzzzzzz drama: Unemployed RomanceUnemployment_Benefit_Romance-p1
Sorry, this drama just bored me to death! I fell asleep three times (on three different days) on the first episode. So for those who have a hard time falling asleep? Forget sleeping pills, just watchUnemployed Romance and you’ll fall asleep in 2 seconds! My hunch is that the network hired sloppy writers to do what I think could have been a one successful drama if it was written well. I don’t blame the actors, they did great job. This drama is so unmemorable! So just fuhgeddaboutit!
Did I learn anything from Unemployed Romance? Well, just study hard (or smart, or whatever…)
The Not-So-Futuristic drama: Marry Him If You Dare (MHIYD)marry him if you dare
Another drama I lost interest immediately! They lured me in with great cast but after episode 3, I was ready for this drama to be O.V.E.R! *facepalm* the most anticipated drama this fall became the most dropped drama right away. Too many viewers quit it. Story plot became ridiculously illogical and puzzling. The somewhat open-ended ending drove everyone insane, including me. Save your time and don’t even glance at it!
MHIYD proves that no matter how awful your permed hair looks like, you’re still desirable! Bring out the hair scrunchies!
Other 2013 dramas I’m currently watching:

Ugly Alert – the greatest family drama ever! The best bromance! The best sibling romance. The best sismance. This drama screams tight and neat relationship family all around. Love it!

Let’s Eat – this drama left me hungry all the time! Food porn drama at its best! Enough said…

Prime Minister and I – wow, this drama knocked my feet off. I love it so much! Comedy and romance, can’t beat that!

Pretty Boy aka Bel Ami – well, what can I say… It’s Jang Keun Suk. Either you like him or not. This is just meh for me…

Give Love Away – another awesome family drama! Seriously, where is the conflict? No angst, and the best old-fart couple romance in ages!

Well, there you have it. I hope you agree with my list. I know we all have different preference but one thing in common: our love for dramas! Happy New Year 2014, everyone and I hope 2014 brings better dramas than 2013! Cheers!


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