My Newest Addiction: Babies and frazzled Dads

Posted by Stephanie on January 14, 2014


return of superman14
I have a Kdrama admission to make. And it’s a little embarrassing–so don’t laugh. A couple of weeks ago I was wandering around Youtube and stumbled on the KBS World channel. And that’s where I saw it. A show which I’d seen little articles on here or there and wanted to see, but it was so new, I couldn’t find it anywhere. So I settled in and watched the first episode. And then it happened.

I am full on addicted to the variety show, The Return of Superman.

And I didn’t even realize just how addicted I was until this weekend when, Saturday morning, I flicked on YouTube and realized that when the person uploading the newest video made a mistake and made the video private. I was wrecked.

Throughout the weekend I kept checking back to see if they’d fixed the error. My mind buzzed. What if they did this because they weren’t going to let us here in the US watch it anymore? Where else could I watch? Who else subbed it? When I stopped for lunch and Thea mentioned she was watching, I grilled her, where? Which episode? Sadly, it was not episode 8.

Was I being punished? God’s of Kdrama saying “Why are you watching another variety show when you could be watching Kdrama?”

(See what happens when you have an overactive imagination?)

Luckily, the Sunday the show was fixed and the episode was so flipping cute.return of superman11

I’m not entirely sure why. I love this show so much, as in all honestly, I’m not a super kid fan. Superman was once scoffed as a cheap imitation of last years super Variety hit, Dad, Where Are We Going? and while both feature real celebrity dad alone with their kids, Dad, Where Are We Going have all the dads and kids off on an adventure together, The Return of Superman has the celebrity dad home alone with the kids for 48 hours.

You get to see the family in their regular lives, making dinner, doing whatever chores and errands mom has left for them, and generally just trying to keep their kids alive until mom comes back.

Let the chaos begin.

These kids are so freaking cute and I love the frazzled dads. I started out skimming, only looking for Tablo’s bits, but now I couldn’t tell you who my favorite father/kid team is. Well, that’s a lie, I still love Tablo and his daughter Haru, but I love them all now.

On the one hand, you should totally check out this show because, as I said, FREAKING CUTE. On the other hand I feel like I should warn you to stay away. Stay away before you end up like me.
Although I just want to be the first to say that I’m guessing that Sarang is going to want to murder her dad when she gets older in embarrassment over what he’s revealed about her bathroom issues.

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