Top Five Best Kisses of 2014

Posted by Stephanie on January 14, 2014

Top Five

graphic mwah 32014, the year of good kdrama kissing? Perhaps. I certainly feel like we’ve come a long way from fish eyed–pursed lips–bodies so far apart they might as well be in different zip codes sorts of kisses. Of course that may be the power of cable. Oh, sweet googly moogly cable kisses.

So, here is my top 5 list of the best kisses of 2014, however, there is a disclaimer that I didn’t see all the dramas. I couldn’t finish A Secret Love Affair, I didn’t watch A Witches Romance or High School King of Savvy which I hear both had some off the richter scale kisses.

Tomorrow Cantibile

cantabile tomorrow unkiss
Oops! Just kidding–no kissing to be had here… Can I once again say how much it irritated me that there was nary even a terrible kiss in this? Is this a best kiss contender? Well I didn’t think so, but then again, I’m not DramaFever.

It’s Okay That’s LoveIt's okay thats love

I was going to go with that smoking hot waterfall kiss, but this one, where our couple is finally reunited with a fire in their hearts and….elsewhere….sure they were going to overcome everything in their path was the one. Well, it’s kind of them, but mostly it’s their hilarious sidekicks who decide to settle in for the show. It was the perfect tone for the ending of this show.

Kwang Soo & Kim Jong Kook

Kim Joong Kook Kwang Soo
Not the best gif I’ve seen, but the first ones I saw of this faux kiss at a fan meet was shot in such away where it literally looked like they kissed–and then it was shown that Haha was the real culprit. Either way the thing made me squee like a girl and had me and my fellow FB chatters talking about it for a while.

Full House Thaifull house thai

Not kidding guys–it was this gif which made me get past my Full House Shudders, dig around the Internet, and watch my first Thai drama. I waited the entire drama for that moment and it was just as breathtaking as I’d anticipated.

You’re All Surrounded

I loved the evolution of this couple and the fact, right down to their kiss that it was she who was completely oblivious of him and his changing feelings for her.

First it was all:

You're all surrounded
Then he was all:

you're all surrounded 2
Then they were all:you're all surrounded 3

God’s Quiz 4god's quiz 4

I’ve never made a secret of the fact that I’ve always had a soft spot for Dr Han and I was especially happy to see him almost back in his original Dr Han form. This kiss has been a long time coming–come on is there any other drama you’ve seen where it took 4 seasons for our main couple to kiss? Well, there was that imaginary kiss in season 2 but since that didn’t actually happen and it was…terrible, I choose not to count it. I’m happy that once Dr Han layed one on her, it was awesome! Go Dr Han!!
Honorable Mentionyou're all surrounded 4
The accidental chest kiss in You’re All Surrounded–mmm…tastes like strawberries.

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