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Posted by Stephanie on January 17, 2014


Yesterday I talked about some new, upcoming dramas, today it’s movies! I make no secret of the fact I don’t love (or like) most Korean movies. However, now that I live in the city, where I can actually see some of them in the theater, I try to catch as many as they will bring here. You know, it’s the principal of the matter. I try to do as many Korean-y type things that are offered, that I couldn’t get in New Hampshire.

I know I shouldn’t start off with the one I’m most excited with, but I can’t help it. I watched the trailer for Hot Blooded Youth and I’m SO FREAKING EXCITED.

hot blooded youth 2

Please let this come here, please. This movie looks awesome! I love so much about this trailer. The tone seems like the movie is going to be really funny without being dumb or slapstick (ahem*unlike most Korean comedies*ahem). The heroine and her apparent badassery is something we don’t get very often.

But most of all?

Lee Jong Suk. I know he’s a really good actor. He’s been in lots of stuff, most of which seem to be just last year, but I don’t think he’s ever played a character like this before. And you know what? He looks good. Just from the trailer it looks like he’s having fun playing this roll, and that is something I want (or need) to see.

Hot Blooded Youth is opening in Korea 1/28 and if anyone happens to know if it’s going to be released internationally or more to the point, here in NYC, make sure you tell me! If it comes out and I miss out, I will be very cranky.

And no one wants to see Stephanie cranky. huntresses

The second movie which has been on my radar for a while is the fusion saeguk action movie, The Huntresses. Now the first time I heard of this movie it was quite some time ago, so I thought it had come and gone. Not so! The Huntresses is also scheduled for release in Korea at the end of the month (who knows if it will be released internationally.)

Again, a movie showing some strong willed women–isn’t that a nice change? And these women kick butt, I believe as some sort of bounty hunters. Or is this some sort of Joseon Charlies Angelsthe hunttresses

The Huntresses trailer also seems to have a fun tone to it, certainly not holding tight to the historical accuracy. Unless female fighters wore that much eyeliner during the Joseon dynasty.

While I like Ha Ji Won who seems to play the head huntress, I have this weird fascination with Ga In from Brown Eyed Girls. Is this her first time acting? You know, besides the odd music video. In this trailer with her short hair and eyeliner, it doesn’t seem to be hiding the fact that she’s Ga In. Like they are using her music persona as a character. And for some reason that just tickles me.

You know what the best thing about these two movies are? I think these are two Korean movies I could see in the movie and not cry. As now I’m 0 for 4 on crying for the theater at these Korean movies.

Why, Korea, why? Y U Make Stephanie Cry?

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