Top 5 Favorite Characters of 2014

Posted by Stephanie on January 21, 2014

Top Five

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Can’t have a good drama without good characters, right? Well….one would hope so. And yet time and time again we do find ourselves sitting through the same old–same old. You know the ones. Candy flavored heroines stumbling upon the arrogant yet misunderstood chaebol. Not to say that can’t work, but I always find it refreshing when writers look outside the usual cookie cutter and give us a taste of the unexpected. It might not always work out for the best, but I do always appreciate and give them more credit for their efforts.

Here is a list of my favorite characters of 2014:

Chun Song Yi, You Who Came From The Stars

You who came from the stars
The success of the character Chun Song Yi was one part writer and three parts the actress. Jeon Ji Hyeon. She showed everyone she was not afraid to toss off the mantle of movie actress, throw image to the wind and give this crazy, stubborn, vain, vulnerable character life. When Chun Song Yi was on the screen you couldn’t take your eyes off her–and that’s something considering who her costar was. You never knew how she was going to react to a situation, or even better, know what she was going to say next–and that certainly made for a fun time. I hope we continue to get this level of acting and dedication to character in the future.

Jang Jae Yeol, It’s Okay That’s LoveIt's okay that's love

This guy broke my heart. Unfortunately, thanks to spoilers I knew there was something definitely off with hiYou’re All Surrounded MINUS that c-bag of a cookie cutter villain they crammed in at the end. I loved the women of this drama. They were all strong independent woman who knew, for better or worse, what they wanted out of life and what they were willing to do to get there. They didn’t need men to swoop in and solve their problems, they were willing to do it on their own. Knowing what we do of the unfortunate sexism that goes on in the Korean workplace, these woman chose a male dominated field and showed that they were just as good if not better than the men around them.

Mad Dogs of Bad GuysBad Guys

If I can cheat and choose all of the women in You’re All Surrounded, there is no reason why I can’t cheat again and choose the Mad Dog’s of Bad Guys. And when I say bad guys I mean the guy’s who were in prison and not the police man as I’m still mad at him. (Why? You’ll just have to watch it to find out and for those of you who have seen it–can you believe he did that?) When Cherry would ask me who was my favorite, I literally couldn’t tell her. Each of the characters, the mobster, the hired killer and the psycho, were each so well written and acted. Within the short 11 episodes the writer was able to fit in the crime of the week and the overarching story all while weaving in the backstories of each of our bad guys. The evolution of the characters, trying to decided whether they were good or bad, and if they could learn and change was so interesting. Not to mention, I’m a sucker for a good underdog. Somehow these underdogs are violent felons but still we root for them in the end.

Honorable Mention: Miss Korea, Plus Nine Boys

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