Hip-Hip Horay, Three Days!

Posted by Stephanie on January 23, 2014


three daysI was worried about Park Yoochun’s new drama Three Days. When news came out it was all good: a possibly interesting premise, having the hero be a presidential bodyguard (I don’t know why I’m so attracted to this), and then of course there is Yoochun himself, who I’ve been interested in seeing in another lead role after Sungkyunkwan Scandal (unfortunately, I haven’t had any interest in seeing his other dramas).

Then there were rumbles that the drama was going to be pushed back on the schedule due to some tussle over negotiations. Whatever, things get shuffled around all the time, no big deal. But then it did become a big deal. Due to the push back (or behind the scenes shenanigans) Yoochun was going to have to pull out because of schedule conflicts.


Would I be as interested in this drama without him being the lead? Now I may come off as all boyz crazy, watching things only because of the lead, but that’s really not the case. It doesn’t matter how much an actor makes me go squeeeee if I’m not interested in the drama itself, I resign myself to catching them next time.

But with Three Days? I think it’s the opposite, part of the allure in seeing this drama is, in fact, watching Yoochun in an action drama, playing against type.

So I was very glad when everybody shook hands, made nice, and pushed forward (with Yoochun).

Today we’ve got the first behind the scenes pictures and, while they don’t show us much, it does remind us that the drama is on it’s way!

Thanks producers, but you know what we’d like more? How about a teaser? Yeah, I think a teaser would be just what we need to get us totally on the Three Days train. Come on, our Kdrama schedules fill up quickly and you want to make sure you get one of those few spots.

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